Patent Proofreading: Is it really needed?

Draft of your patent application plays a significant role during the patent prosecution process of your invention. If the draft of your patent application is correct, your invention gets patent grant easily. However, if your patent application can’t explain its novelty, and future application, then the patent examiner rejects your application. Thus, you receive office action, and need to refile after bringing the changes. Thus, you need to hire patent proofreading services, if you want to get patent grant in one go only.

Patent proofreading helps you avoid office actions, and makes your patent grant journey very easy. Read this article till end, and understand every aspect of patent proofreading, and make your patent application error free.

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What Purpose Patent Proofreading Serves?

Patent proofreading is the process that helps you in developing an error free patent application. With the use of it, you are able to find the mistakes in application, scope of more improvement in application, etc. Thus, you can avoid the reasons for office action in your application before submitting it with patent office.

It will save you from filing patent application again and again as there will be no office action. Thus, you will be able to save your time, money and effort, spent in re-filing the application.

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How Patent Proofreading Improves Your Patent Application?

Patent proofreading helps you to find following kind of errors in your patent application. If you will not conduct a proofreading check, these errors will remain in application, and you will get office action.

  • Explaining applicability of application –

Your invention will get the patent only when it is found to be of practical use. Thus, the examiner carries out extensive examination on application of your invention. If the applicability of your invention is not found, it will not be given patent registration.

So, patent proofreading helps you analyse your application form and add evidences, claims, drawings, phrases, in it. They will better describe the applicability of your invention and help you get easy patent grant for it.

  • Finding errors in draft of application:

Patent application for your invention is full of sentence formation. They describe claims, evidences, and applicability of your invention to the examiner. However, any mistake in spelling, or grammatical errors, will completely change the idea you want to convey to examiner. Thus, it will hand you an office action and you then have to rectify it, and refile the application.

The patent proofreading service provider saves you from this chaos. It carries out extensive reading of your patent application and finds all these errors in it. Once found, you can now make the suitable amendments in patent application, and file the error free application with patent office. So, now there is no chance of office action from patent office.

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Does patent application really have errors?

We have talked about how patent proofreading makes your application error free. But the question is, “what are the chances of patent application having errors in it?” So, you will be astonished know that, nearly 98% of patent applications filed with USPTO have at least one error in them. No we are not saying this it is the reports of USPTO that says this. So, there are very high chances that you could belong to this 98% category, and one error is enough to give you an office action.

Thus, patent proofreading will help you come out of this 98% category, and be in those 2% category people, who have error free patent application. This, way you will secure the future of your invention, and get easy patent grant for it.

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Who provides best patent proofreading services?

One thing is clear, patent proofreading by intellectual property paralegals is a very important step in getting patent for the invention. Hence, you must hire patent paralegal professional who can find all the errors in patent draft. And who helps you in preparing a final and error free draft for filing with patent office. “Patent Paralegal Force” happens to be a suitable partner in your patent proofreading journey.

We have professional who got all the technical expertise in patent proofreading, and easily find the inconsistencies in the patent draft. Our client first service in never seen price range has earned us over thousand plus clients all across the globe. Presently we are serving clients in over 45+ countries. Do read our about our services here.

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