What is Patent Monitoring?

Every day, new technologies are coming in this fast-paced world. Thus, every month, hundreds of patent application filings are going on at patent offices. So, if you’re spending in new technological R&D, you should ask yourself. “Are you investing in patenting the proper technology?” This is when patent monitoring might come in handy.Hiring patent monitoring[…]

What is IP docketing?

IP docketing keeps track of IP prosecution deadlines before their respective regulating agencies. There are several deadlines for trademark and patent filings, registrations, and oppositions. These deadlines can be as short as 90 days or as long as 6-10 years after receiving the notification. This makes trademark and patent applications have so many deadlines to[…]

What is Patent Term Adjustment?

Understanding patent term adjustment is one of the trickiest task inventors face while filing for patent grant. While some confuse it with patent term extension, the others don’t even know what it means. But patent term adjustment rules are not a rocket science to learn. With little focus and well explanation, you can easily understand[…]