What does an IP paralegal do for your IP Matters?

In present times, the drift towards understanding and commercializing intellectual property is increasing. As intellectual property comes into the picture, the role of IP paralegal has become quite important. An intellectual property paralegal is law personnel working in various legal domains. The most important of them are patent litigation paralegals that specialize in litigations involving[…]

Everything You Need to Know About Patent Prosecution Paralegal Services

Patent prosecution companies act as an expert in the patent process and help you through the steps necessary to get your idea patented. Patent prosecution firms are experts at navigating through USPTO requirements, including their fees. These firms also have a vast knowledge of what patents will be worth your time and investment, that can[…]

Patent Licensing

Patent licensing: What, How, and Why?

Patent licensing is a practice in which the patent owner permits other firms/entities to use the patent. Licensing patents to others includes legal work mainly in the form of agreement. The license agreement has terms and conditions that both parties need to follow. The agreement contains a description of the product, shares in profit, and[…]

Patent Paralegal Duties to Perform

Patent Paralegal: Duties to Perform

Before getting on to what a Patent Paralegal does, let us first understand the term ‘Paralegal’.  A Paralegal is a person of law and is responsible for handling documentation work, briefing notes, transcribing statements,  etc. Paralegals work under lawyers and attorneys, in law firms and corporate offices. A patent paralegal is the core professional of[…]