Patent Docketing to Manage Patent Application Process

Patent filing process is quite a hectic work to deal with. Starting from generating the patent application to finally getting the patent grant, it involves lot of paper work dealing. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to track and keep check on deadlines given by patent office during patent prosecution process. Thus, you need to hire patent docketing specialists to ease the burden on your shoulders of patent prosecution.

This article talks in detail about patent docketing and how to utilize it to smoothen the patent grant process. So stay tuned till last.

What is Patent Docketing?

Patent docketing is an important asset for IP law firms that help them manage the patent application process easily. With so many patent applications it becomes difficult for you to monitor each of them individually. Patent docketing, gives alerts of important dates timely and you remain ready with the steps to take next. Thus, you meet all the deadlines and get the patent grant easily and timely.

How Patent Docketing Benefits You?

Following are the advantages you receive upon hiring patent docketing services: \

Maintains your Patent Portfolio –

When you have hundreds of patents to manage, patent docketing comes for your help. It is the software that keeps track of the deadlines of all the patent applications by creating a patent portfolio. Once patent portfolio is made, it works like automatic patent docketing system.

Hence, once a particular deadline approaches you receive the alert about it and take necessary actions. So, patent docketing ensures meeting of all the deadlines, labelling of all documents, placing them in correct file. Thus, you will be able to extract them whenever you need them.

Gives Patent Prosecution Updates –

When you file patent application with patent offices, it undergoes various processes, which you must be aware about. Because such case related information, helps you be pre-emptive. Thus, patent docketing gives you information, about various stages of your application, its current status.

It also informs you about, the response of patent office on your application, I.e. whether it has got office action or not? If yes, on what parameters, like, drafting, patent drawing, novelty, claims, etc. You also get to know the deadline to refile your patent application.

All such information you get for each and every application in your patent portfolio, thus it will be easier for you to manage your patent applications. In this way you can extract specific information as per your requirement.

Timely Action

The patent applications have important patent office deadlines and due dates. If missed, they can even cause abandonment of the application. Even if they are recoverable (in some cases), they cost a lot of extra money and time. Patent docketing keep a track of dates and informs beforehand so that there are no missing deadlines.

If there is a failure in timely filings, the company will have to pay an extra fee to reinstate the failed application. This fee is $1620 for a large company and around half that for smaller companies. Moreover, if the patent attorney misses a deadline and fails to apply on time, there are high chances that the client will not work with that firm or attorney. Thus, a docketing system is one of their most important tools for law firms for maintaining portfolio of patents.

Data Organization

In a patent law firm accurate document labeling becomes crucial for ease. These documents are labeled along with their name, place, and file number. Moreover, patent docketing ensures that a portfolio of patents is managed and information is inserted into the database. This is helpful in easy access for patent paralegals and attorneys. Patent attorneys can check the database to locate the documents and view related deadlines.

Protecting Intellectual Property

The patent process is aimed to safeguard intellectual property (patent in this case). Protecting intellectual property is crucial for boosting creativity, invention, and innovation. Along with innovation, it also boosts competition, economic growth, and job creation. Protection of intellectual property depends upon the successful management of patent portfolios and patent application documents.

How Patent Paralegal Force helps you with Patent Docketing?

Patent docketing is a careful process and needs high accuracy. Thus you should always hire such patent docketing paralegal services partner who is reliable and values your interest. If you are wondering who can be your reliable partner, then we are proud to say that we at “PATENT PARALEGAL FORCE” will provide everything you need to manage your client’s patent applications.

We have an efficient team of experienced patent professionals. Known to use the state-of-art tool, we provide high quality docketing and other paralegal services such as end-to-end IDS management, etc. Don’t worry your IP data remains secured with us. Further, the price we charge is minimum and unmatched anywhere in the industry with quality of service we provide. Read more about our success stories in reviews of our clients.

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