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Quality centered paralegal services in least turn around time
So you give your COMPLETE FOCUS on CLAIMS

For any technology company or R&D, the main concern is to keep track of their leading competitors, dynamically. We provide you with patent application monitoring and we alert you on a regular basis about the latest patents in your preferred field of invention. We have a fully-functional team of paralegal professionals and state-of-the-art tools, which reliably provide a bouquet of services including Docketing for multiple countries, proofreading, end-to-end IDS management, document procurement, data verification and even form preparation and filing. We are currently serving our clients from more than 45 countries, satisfying them with our best in class paralegal services at a negligible cost.

  • Client-centric approach

    We put our clients to brief us with the maximum requirements, they desire.

  • Negligible serving cost

    We only ask for what we serve.

  • Full technical & skilled team

    We are a experienced group of techno-legal professionals.

  • Complete satisfaction assured

    We make sure that what we deliver is upto the mark for what was asked for.


Reliability and customer satisfaction is our top priority


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