Intellectual Property Paralegal for Patentability Search

Looking to get patent rights for your invention? Then one thing that you can’t afford to overlook in the process is, need for patentability search. As with increase in volume of patent filings all across world, it has become challenging for companies to analyze what all technologies they should focus, develop and file patents for. Thus you need to hire a suitable intellectual property paralegal to assist you in patent search.

Apart from solving these challenges patentability search gives you numerous other advantages also. This article presents all such aspects of patentability search. So stay tuned and learn to take your business decisions firmly with best intellectual property paralegal.

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What Is Patentability Search?

When filing the patent application for an invention, you need to be aware of all the similar active patents and non-patent literature in the database of patent office. Hence, patentability search report of intellectual property paralegal provides you with such information.

Patentability search qualitatively tells you the chances of getting patent for your invention in one go. Patentability search report gives all the details of prior arts. It also tell the process and steps to follow in acquiring patent for the prior art. Hence, it helps you in easy filing of application and avoids office action later.

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Why Hire Intellectual Property Paralegal For Patentability Search?

Below points tell you the reasons you should pay intellectual property paralegal salary for patentability search reports:

Invest Wisely In R&D –

Before filing patents you need to come up with an invention. These inventions require lot of time, effort and money to be spent in R&D. But it’s not wise to spend in such an invention which cannot generate revenue in the market.

Thus, when you avail patentability search you get to know details about your invention. It includes, is similar patent or product already in the market? If yes, you can avoid spending on R&D of this invention and may choose some other technology to develop.

Or you may find the limitations of existing patent in the market and focus R&D keenly on those limitations and launch your new and improved product in the market, it will give your revenue. So, hiring patentability search enables you to take decisions before spending on R&D of your invention.

Helps Avoid Office Actions –

One of the key parameters on which patent office provides patent rights to your invention, is the novelty of invention. If a similar invention exists in the patent database officially, your patent application gets rejection. But don’t worry the intellectual property paralegal, helps you rectify the issue and again file the application. However, refiling again requires you to spend the money.

Hence, why invite office actions, when you can avoid them before filing patent for the invention. Patentability search helps you develop inventions that are novel, highly applicable, and strong enough to acquire patent rights by finding prior arts.

Prevents Infringement Actions –

If you don’t want to get sue for infringing the patent rights of your competitors, intellectual property paralegal help you in this. Their patentability search reports help you with that. It is because USPTO may overlook the novelty of your invention and grant it the patent rights. But it immediately receives challenge from your competitor if it is infringing his rights.

In that case you will lose your money in settling the case. Thus, avoid infringement of others patent rights by finding prior arts using patentability search.

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Which Intellectual Property Paralegal to Hire?

When we talk about patent rights for any invention, it means providing ingenuity to an invention that you develop with the sheer efforts, time and money. Thus, you should not merely file patent application without hiring patentability search service from intellectual property paralegal. “Patent Paralegal Force” stands with you firmly in your patentability search requirement.

We have highly experienced patent search experts in our team who come from all the technological domains. Working with our moto, “Excellence in every engagement” you will feel confident while taking business actions after interacting with us. Read more about our services here.

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