If you own a unique and new technology/invention, then you should not wait to get patent for it. Getting patent for your invention secures the invention on your name. It guarantees that you have brought this technology into the world and all its benefits belong to you only. So, “How you get the patent for your invention?” The answer is by hiring a patent prosecution paralegal for patent filing.

Want to know more about it? This article will give you brief insight and important aspects about patent filling. Also learn, how patent prosecution paralegal help you do patent filing in the best way.

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Why Patent Filing Is Done?

Patent filing is the key process to obtain legal rights for your invention. It is filed in the form of an application that explains everything about your patent. Once you file patent application for your invention, it goes to the respective patent office of your region. Few of examples are USPTO in USA and EPO if you are in Europe.

Patent examiners at these offices, examine your patent thoroughly on every parameter and then share you the report. If they find some issue in your patent, your patent application gets rejection. Thus, you will have to correct it and apply again. If everything is fine, the patent gets registration on your name.

Since, patent filing is not an easy task as it takes money, effort and time. So, if you will have to refile your patent application due to office actions, it causes you significant loss. Thus, you need to be very cautious while drafting the application for your patent. The smallest of errors become cause of office action or even rejection. You can avoid such errors in patent filing by hiring a patent professional. Thus, you need to create patent prosecution paralegal jobs in your organization and hire a personal for it.

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How Patent Prosecution Paralegal Help in Curbing Office Actions?

You must be wondering what all things can call office action on your patent filing application. This section will tell you everything about that.

Existing Prior Arts –

Existing prior art means, the invention for which you are filing the patent already exists. So, when you file patent application for the same invention, it gets rejection. Thus, patent prosecution paralegal conducts a prior art search in the patent office of your respective region. If they find similar patents in their databases, you need to do more innovation. You and then file can file your application.

Non-Complying Patent Drawings –

In patent filing, patent drawings help you explain your invention in a better way. It uses graphs and other line drawings to explain the invention. But every patent office has certain guidelines for patent drawings. Thus, you must adhere to that while developing patent drawing. If not, then this will again bring office action for your patent application.

Incorrect Patent Type Selection –

During patent filing, you need to select the type of patent for which you are applying. Such as if you are applying in US, the USPTO offers three types of patents –

  1. If it relates to machines or matter, then it will come under category of Utility Patent.
  2. For finding key features of an object, patent prosecution paralegal will apply under Design Patent.
  3. Anything that relates to plants will come under plant patent category.

Untimely Patent Filing –

Suppose, you are filing patent application in US, then USPTO doesn’t offers patent on basis of who invented first. But on the basis of who filled the patent application first. Thus, if you will not file the application timely, someone else will reap the benefits of your invention. To secure, the date for your application, you may file provisional application before actual patent filing.

Incorrect Patent Drafting –

Here comes the most important point of patent filing, as the name suggests it is the compilation of your patent application. It means arranging the data in your patent application sequentially and logically.

It requires you to mention all the aspects of your invention like scope, effects, and a brief background with a summary in the end. You will also need to attach patent drawings, if any as we discussed earlier.

So, the point is even if you manage to avoid the top four reasons that invite office actions, an inefficient patent drafting will bring the office action for you. You can also see that, patent drafting is a very technical, long and complex process.

Thus, it requires time and skill both and if you will go doing it yourself, you will lose lot of time and still end with your application getting rejected. 

Thus, you need to hire a patent prosecution paralegal that helps you in correct patent filing. They minimize the chances of office actions and rejections. This way you will be able to save your time and money both. That’s what we at “Patent Paralegal Force” are known to do best. Read more about us, in next section.

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Best Patent Prosecution Paralegal To Hire: PPF

In the end, we just want to clear that don’t consider patent draft just an ordinary piece of paper to get your patents registered. It tells the examiner,” Why the patent you have applied should get registration? Thus, you need to hire the patent prosecution paralegal that can sense the future impacts of your invention. They then mention relevant things into the application diligently.

Choosing “Patent Paralegal Force” provides you with this diligence. We help you write the patent application that explains future prospects. It will make your patent easily get registration. So, you will not be forced to spend unnecessarily on refiling of patent application by eliminating chances of office actions. Read more about our services here.

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