Patent Application Form: Everything you need to know

Inventions are the intellectual property of the person or organization inventing it. Thus, if you have come up with an invention, you should start thinking of registering it on your name. It is because if not then anyone can use your invention illegally claiming it to be his invention. Thus all the benefits, that you must earn, will now go to the other person. Hence, you need to file the patent application form for your invention with the patent office of your region. This way you will get patent registration for your invention.

Now, your patent legally belongs to you and only you will get all its benefits. If you want to know more about patent application form, how to register your patent, then keep reading this article till end.

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What is a Patent Application Form?

Once you decide to acquire the patent for your invention, you need to file a legal document with the patent office of your region. This legal document is nothing, but the patent application form, that contains all the information about your invention. It helps the examiner at patent office to study your invention. If everything is in line, examiner grants the patent registration to your invention.

Your patent application form consists of claims of novelty, information disclosure, patent drawings, patentability reports, application of invention, etc. All the things that you mention in your patent application, goes through thorough checking. And then examiner takes decision whether to grant patent to your invention or not.

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What Are Different Types of Patent Application Form?

Inventions you make may belong to different fields. Hence the patent office grants different kind of patents to protect different kind of inventions you do. Thus, you need to file specific type of patent application form for specific type of invention. So, the different types of patent applications you can find as per your invention are:

  • Utility Patent Application
  • Design Patent Application
  • Plant Patent Application
  • Provisional Patent Application

Let’s discuss all of them in brief, one by one –

Utility Patent:

As the name suggests, inventions under utility patents involve machines, processes or invention of new systems. Utility patent application form describes about how to use inventions in a practical manner. Like for industrial purpose, medical purpose, etc. Hence, there is some physical use of inventions that come under utility patents. The major challenges that now evolving are, progress in genetic engineering, software developments. It is because, problem are now emerging as what all inventions can get protection under utility patent applications.

Design Patent:

Whenever, we talk about design patent application form, it means getting patent for newly invented ornamental designs. These designs are helpful in inventing a new useful item, that’s why they come under design patents. For example; design of a machine, design of shoe, etc. can be protected under design patents.

Since, the design patent application, consist mostly of drawings and very few words, thus it is difficult to carry out patent search for design patents. Major use of design patents is done by software companies nowadays. They protect their user interfaces, shape of touchscreen devices, etc. using design patent.

Plant Patent:

Under botany, many new plants are produced using non-sexual means, cutting, budding, etc. Thus, to protect inventions of new plants, plant patent application form is used. Remember they don’t cover genetically modified organism, it focuses largely on horticulture inventions.

Provisional Patent:

USPTO allows you to file a less formal application, which states that you are in possession of invention and figuring how to make the invention work. So once you file the provisional patent for your invention, no one else can file the patent for same invention.

Thus, you can now complete your invention, as after filing provisional patent application form, your invention is now patent pending. But, the drawback is, you need to file the formal utility patent application, in a year only of provisional patent filing. If you don’t, then your provisional patent gets expire.

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