Virtual IP Paralegal: Why Should You Hire One?

Sometimes, in the world of IP, the best paralegal services may not be available to you physically at all times. This is why you should consider hiring a Virtual IP Paralegal. A virtual IP paralegal essentially does all the work for you just like any other IP paralegal. The only difference is the physical presence of a person for the same.

The processes of IP require a lot of time, management and needless to say money. To ensure that you get the right protection for your IP, you must ensure that you complete every process on time. These include filing procedures, court dates, responding to official documents, etc.

This is where you would require an IP paralegal. However, if you cannot find a good service near your place of residence then you can hire a virtual IP paralegal. Let’s see how they can help.

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What does an IP Paralegal do?

An IP paralegal assists you in matters of IP like patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. Their job is to make sure that processes such as application preparation, filing, litigation, etc. go smoothly.

Another big role that they have to play is conducting absolutely thorough IP research. Since we are talking about IP here, it has an inextricable link to technology. Hence, an IP paralegal needs to not only have the legal knowledge but also some technical knowledge/experience as well

How can a Virtual IP Paralegal Help You?

You are now aware of the work that an IP paralegal needs to do. So you might ask, “Can a virtual IP paralegal help me?” The simple answer is yes. How? All thanks to the advancement in technology.

Everything is available digitally. You can scan documents and email them to anyone in any part of the world via the internet. The physical absence of a person further reduces due to video calls to talk more easily with your virtual IP paralegal.

This lack of a person physically working in front of you can often be not felt at all. This happens if you are dealing with the best paralegal services. They will ensure that they fulfill their responsibilities in a holistic manner. Let’s understand their responsibilities in greater detail.

Virtual IP Paralegal: Job Responsibilities

Now, we’ll elaborately explain why physical presence doesn’t matter in the job responsibilities of a virtual IP paralegal. You can see that their responsibilities focus on 5 domains, which are:

Research work

You never start off by directly filling forms when it comes to IP. Whether it is trademark, patent or copyright, it is vital to perform a background check. You need to be 100% sure about your IP before filing. Otherwise, you might end up just wasting your time and money. The USPTO might reject your application. Worse, you can get tied up in litigation due to infringement of someone else’s IP. Hence, researching before filing is very important.

A virtual IP paralegal will conduct searches like:

They can assist you with other forms of searches as well, according to your needs.

Document Drafting and Filing

Perhaps the most important part of any IP process; it requires skill as well as experience. You need to make sure that your IP documents are extremely thorough, highly elaborate and irrefutable. The IP paralegal can help you with the preparation and filing of the following processes:

IP Docketing

The immense volume of documents makes IP docketing absolutely essential. You will require assistance to keep them in an orderly manner. An IP paralegal can efficiently docket your documents. They utilize docketing systems to help them manage all your documents easily.

A good system for patent docketing will also ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines. Hence, it will be easier for you to stay vigilant about your application.

Dealing with Office Actions

Despite your best attempts, the USPTO might find faults in your applications. They will communicate these faults in the form of an Office action. Consequently, you must respond to them in the form of an Office action response. Drafting those responses perfectly requires you to take assistance from a virtual IP paralegal.

Monitoring your IP

The job of an IP paralegal doesn’t end here. They need to assist you in guarding your IP post its grant as well. This means being vigilant and monitoring your IP for any possible infringements. It is your responsibility to enforce your rights. An IP paralegal service can provide you with Patent Watch and Trademark Watch among other watch services.

Need Paralegal Assistance? – Patent Paralegal Force

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We provide you with patent application monitoring. We alert you on a regular basis about the latest patents in your field of invention. Our fully-functional team of paralegal professionals uses state-of-the-art tools, which reliably provide a bouquet of services. These include docketing for multiple countries, proofreading, end-to-end IDS management, document procurement, data verification and even form preparation and filing. We are currently serving our clients from more than 45 countries. Client satisfaction is paramount to us. So, we offer the best paralegal services at a negligible cost.

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