What is The Role of an Intellectual Property Paralegal?

Intellectual Property Paralegal works for law firms, organizations, and government agencies. They prepare trademark/patent/copyright applications; assist in litigation and conduct research related to intellectual property. They possess all the necessary knowledge related to science, technology, and mechanics which proves beneficial for patent application process and litigation.

Application in Trademark/Service mark:

You must file a Trademark/Service mark application with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) if you want to claim your rights on the mark or prevent third parties from misusing it.

Here, Intellectual Property paralegal may file online trademark applications for the clients. They may also assist the identification and description of the goods/services offered by the client. Moreover, they may help the client in selecting proper trademark filing basis, monitoring trademark applications and filing receptive forms.

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Application in Patent

USPTO provides an IP right to the owner of the invention in the form of Patent. It prevents third parties from remaking, using or selling the invention. Intellectual Property paralegal may compose patent applications for the clients. They may also file reconsideration replies/requests if USPTO asks for other information or rejects an application.

Moreover, they may perform patent searches to avoid infringement from the client to an already existing patent.

Application in copyright

The author/creator of a literature/artwork may want to register the copyright of the workpiece, for creating a public record and maintaining unshared legal rights. Also, it may help to generate monetary benefits.

Here, Paralegals in IP law offices help by working on copyright applications, tracking their status and maintaining the record of copyright transfer. They also deal with the document termination on the call of the client.

 IP Litigation

In a case of infringement, the USPTO office allows the original owner to take legal actions against the infringing party. Also, it helps the owner to take revenue from the third party for the damage caused due to the infringement.

Here, Intellectual Property paralegal supports attorneys at the time of IP litigation by preparing pleadings, doing research to find proper case law, getting exhibits ready and coordinating with experts and witnesses. Sometimes IP paralegals also assist at trials, watch the jury and make notes on testimony.

Intellectual property research

An IP paralegal searches the USPTO database before finalizing a patent/trademark application. This is done to ensure that we do not conduct any sort of violation to the claims of an already existing mark or invention.

Moreover, they perform litigation research to find statutory that may support the client or oppose third party’s position.

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IP paralegal: Other responsibilities:

Intellectual Property Paralegal is also responsible for maintaining the patent/trademark of the Client. They not only update the attorney calendars but also review and draft licensing agreements.

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