How do the Patent Filing Paralegal Services Help?

The professional patent filing paralegal services allow you to file an enforceable Patent. Also, the use of perfect patent filing paralegal services is the key to an effective Commercialization or Licensing of a technology. No matter how good a technology is, the worth of it is insignificant if the description of the technical subject matter is not enabling. In other words, narrowly drafted claims and failure to disclose all necessary embodiments lead to improper filing of a patent.

Moreover, the lawyer does not solely handle the task and formalities related to the patent application. It is the job of a Patent Paralegal to work as a legal assistant and remain present during the complete patent application process.

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Patent Filing Paralegal Services: Vital Roles

The Patent Filing Paralegal Services deal with some of the major tasks related to the Patent application and Patent filing procedure. This allows the applicant to finish the work more professionally. Some of the major work fields of the Patent Filing Paralegal Services are:

  • Patent application:

The patent application is the most important part of the complete patenting process. The patent filing paralegal services help you to compile the requirements and draft the claims, written descriptions, and drawings with perfection.

Moreover, a patent paralegal helps to disclose all the relevant details about the invention in the patent application. They also ensure that the application must follow § 112 enablement and the finest way for carrying the invention.

  • Filing:

Patent filing is a process of submitting a written application to the patent office to request a patent grant for the respective invention. Also, you must submit the application to the Patent office only if you have a patentable idea/invention. There exist different types of patent filing. It is very important to determine the relevant type for your Patent.

  1. Provisional Patent Filing:

In 1995 it became necessary to differentiate between provisional patent application and non-provisional patent application after USPTO authorized provisional application filing.

A provisional patent application is different from the non-provisional application as you are not required to fill all formalities with it.

Moreover, it just states the motto of your patent application and helps to obtain a patent-pending stage for your invention. After this, you must file a non-provisional patent application within 12 months.

  1. Non-Provisional Patent Filing:

A non-provisional patent application contains the complete detailing of your invention through illustrations and written claims. Also, you must write a description of the invention in such a way that any third person with ordinary skills is able to recreate the invention.

However, these specifications and claims are hard to draft and make the non-provisional patent application somewhat difficult. Therefore, these patent applications require professional patent filing paralegal services to take care of the details and create drawings to present the invention in a better way.

  1. International Patent Filing:

PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) is an international agreement with many countries. According to PCT, the inventor must file a single international patent application to assure protection for the invention among the countries that had already signed the agreement.

The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) contains a list of every member of the PCT agreement.

  • Matching Deadlines

USPTO provides an IP right to the owner of the invention in the form of a Patent. It prevents other parties from using or selling the invention. Intellectual Property paralegals may compose patent applications for the clients. They may also file reconsideration requests if USPTO asks for other information or rejects an application.

Moreover, they may perform patent searches to avoid infringement from the client to an already existing patent.

A patent paralegal must try to wind up the work within the deadlines to avoid delay in the patent application process. This not only saves time and money but also allows the patentee to focus on other aspects of the application.

  • Paperwork

The most important job of a patent paralegal is to complete the paperwork related to the patent application process. This includes both offline and online tasks. It is necessary to keep track of all the documents and important records that are crucial for the patent application. There is always a chance for the paperwork to pile up.

Thus, the patent paralegal must own a particular filing system for easy access and reference to the documents. Organized paperwork allows the patentee to locate the particular documents easily, whenever needed.

  • Research

The second most important task of a patent paralegal is to conduct thorough research on the subject to brace the patent application or litigation. This includes conducting interviews, inspecting things, searching documents, and report collection. However, a patent paralegal is allowed to draft a patent application under the supervision of a lawyer only.

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Patent Filing Paralegal Services: Related Jobs

  • Calculation of PTA(Patent Term Adjustment)
  • Research on Foreign IP law
  • IDS (Information Disclosure Statement) preparation
  • Office action response
  • Management of filing requests at a global level
  • ADS (Application Data Sheets) preparation
  • Docket Monitoring and reminding upcoming due dates
  • Paralegal Remote Docketing Services
  • Patent Proofreading
  • Filing drafted patent applications
  • File history maintenance
  • Coordination of associate correspondence

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