Why Online Patent Paralegal Services are Important?

Online Patent Paralegal Services are important for any company to analyze and draft the legal documents and ensure proper coordination. Basically, these services are important to keep watch on the IP activity of their competitor. Paralegal service includes preparation of documentation and ensures one of getting patent docketing. Online Patent Paralegal Services also help one in patent proofreading and PTA calculations. It is essential to monitor the patent application and keep all the updates about the field of invention. The monitoring that the paralegal services provide helps to search for any invalid patents in a particular domain. This ensures their rights to use the technology without any legal risk.

Online Patent Paralegal Services : Key points to remember

Patent paralegal service is important to effectively manage one’s intellectual property matters. It helps to protect one’s IP rights by drafting and filing the patent application. It ensures efficiently maintaining file histories, monitoring the dockets and managing global file requests. These services also help in sending reminders of the upcoming due dates and handle PTA correspondence. Some of the services that the patent paralegal service provides are:

  1. IDS Preparation Service:

IDS stand for Information Disclosure Statement. It is one of the most important services in the online patent paralegal services. A patent applicant has to disclose to the USPTO all known prior art and other things which relate to the invention.

To satisfy this duty, one submits the entire prior art information to the USPTO in the form of IDS. IDS ensure significant cost benefits to the applicant by filing less number of IDS prior to the notice of allowance. IDS ensure covering all the references in it.

  1. ADS Preparation Service:

An Application Data Sheet (ADS) is a sheet that provides the information about the inventor, correspondence and benefit claim. It is always beneficial to submit ADS with the application rather than after filing the application. One prepares ADS with all the details making it in a ready state to submit it to the USPTO.

  1. Patent Docketing:

Patent Docketing is a method where one manages a large number of patent applications efficiently. Docketing is very important as it can be rather difficult to keep track of all the patent applications. Each patent application can take several years to complete the patent process. So, as more and more patents enter into the docketing system, the more it is better to manage one. The online patent paralegal services remotely access the client’s docketing system and upload the IP documents.

  1. Office Action Response Template (OART):

Office actions are formal documents that one prepares and communicates from the patent examiner at the USPTO. These are common in patent prosecution and examiner generally issues them before a patent grant. This type of action will include the requirements that one needs to cover for patent grant. Finally, after the applicant satisfies all the requirements, the examiner grants the patent.

  1. Patent Proofreading Service:

Patent proofreading service identifies the error either before the issuing of a patent or after that. The process of proofreading takes into account the clerical errors, grammatical errors, error in claim dependencies etc.  A lot of these errors especially the ones which are critical can ruin the enforceability of the patent.  To avoid these mistakes, paralegal services play an essential role. It will thoroughly review the patent application and format the document as per the USPTO standards. The paralegal service will ensure the accuracy of details and consistency.

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  1. PTA Calculation:

PTA stands for Patent Term Adjustment. The USPTO carries out the PTA process in which it awards the day for day credits to the normal patent term. Any delay by USPTO that occurs during the prosecution of the application is offset by the delay which the applicant makes. The default term of a typical patent is twenty years starting from the earliest priority date of the patent application. But, due to the delay in the patent prosecution process, PTA has to increase the life of certain patents. The paralegal services help in maximizing PTA to increase the life of certain patents. They help in adding days, weeks and even months in patent term. These services help in reviewing all the events in prosecution to determine the correct PTA.

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Looking for Online Patent Paralegal Services – Patent Paralegal Force

Online patent paralegal services play an important role in the patent process handling end to end documentation for the USPTO office. Patent Paralegal Force (PPF) provides you with the best possible patent paralegal services. With experienced paralegal support, the clients can concentrate on more critical IP matters. PPF consists of highly experienced professionals having the state of the art tool to support you throughout the entire prosecution process. We follow flexibility to accommodate the best of our client’s needs through our automation and manual techniques. Our team provides paralegal services such as docketing for multiple countries, proofreading, end-to-end IDS management, document procurement, etc. We also perform data verification while patent application filing. For more information, Visit Patent Paralegal Force.

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