Requirements of Intellectual Property Paralegal Job

Getting the patent for any invention is not an easy task to fulfil. Thus, the company that innovates the new technologies looks for a patent paralegal personal to assist them in acquiring patent for it. So, if you are looking for an intellectual property paralegal job, this is what your role will be. You will need to assist your clients in getting patent grants easily for their inventions.

So, if you want to know more about intellectual property paralegal job as a career option, this the right place. We have written this article to clear all the doubts you have on patent paralegal job career. So keep reading till end.

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Who are IP Paralegals?

IP paralegals are the professionals who assist the patent attorneys in serving their clients. As a patent paralegal business professional you can also directly serve your clients. Thus, intellectual property paralegal job demands you to provide the services that fulfill the task of smooth patent grant to the client.

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Intellectual Property Paralegal Job Description

It’s fine that you will assist in making the patent grant process smooth for your client with your services. But the important question that now arises in your mind is, “what does and Intellectual property paralegal job demands from you”? What will be your work exactly in this field? Here is your answer.

As an IP paralegal professional your work will be to help the attorney in handling the administrative work. You will provide every kind of help that may be useful for attorney. It includes documents review, documents compilation, managing the records of patent applications, handling clients and sharing updates of patent office responses, preparing databases, calendar management, monitoring court dates, proofreading the applications, etc.

So these were some of the works that you will need to do in the intellectual property paralegal job. However, it is not the full stop as you need to keep developing yourself to ease the work load of your client. Thus, being an IP paralegal, you must be ready to do anything that gets the job done of your client.

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Attributes of an Intellectual property paralegal professional

As a dedicated patent paralegal you will need to serve the multiple IP law firms, thus you need to have specialized and specific IP skills. Few of them are, you must be able to work with USPTO. Further, you must have good knowledge about the trademark and patent registration procedure.

In the intellectual property paralegal job, the more legal knowledge you have, the more legal work you can do, and thus the more better you can help you patent attorney.

Following are the most common responsibilities that you need to fulfil as a patent paralegal:

Handling administrative work attorneys –

  • Maintaining the files of all the clients with their details.
  • Drafting the legal papers, emails to clients, lawyers and other important peoples.
  • Doing researches on patent background, its legal aspects, and case studies of past.
  • Keeping note of deadlines from patent office, managing it, and updating the attorneys and clients timely.

Handling specific IP law work of attorneys –

  • Conducting trademark and prior art searches before filing of the trademark and patent application.
  • Preparing the patent applications, carrying out proofreading, drafting the appeal filing against office actions, etc.
  • Preparing the IP agreements drafts, agreements of licensing, monetary agreements drafts, etc.

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Expectations from a patent paralegal professional

When you choose intellectual property paralegal job as your career option, you are committed to provide the best-in-class patent paralegal service.  Thus, a best patent paralegal professional is one who understands the needs of his clients prior.

Thus, when you start your career in this field be observant and focus on the needs and requirements of attorneys. As you start gaining experience, develop a habit of predicting what the client needs next from you. This way you will be having the answers and solutions with you even before attorneys ask it. This is what expected from a best patent paralegal professional.

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