Patent Paralegal: Duties to Perform

Before getting on to what a Patent Paralegal does, let us first understand the term ‘Paralegal’.  A Paralegal is a person of law and is responsible for handling the documentation work, briefing notes, transcribing statements,  etc. Paralegals work under lawyers and attorneys, in law firms and corporate offices.

A patent paralegal is the core professional of patent law and research firms. He/She is a person of law responsible for handling patent documentation and prosecution proceedings.

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Patent Paralegal Responsibilities:

  • In the sphere of Patent rights: patent paralegals work from the very first step of patent application filing till the final stage of patent grant.

What does a Patent Paralegal do?

 Their major responsibilities include:

  • IDS (Invention Disclosure Statement) preparation;
  • Interviewing clients;
  • Communicating with the attorneys at the USPTO;
  • Responding to office actions;
  • Maintaining the client’s application docket;
  • Proofreading of Patents to find errors (format related, technical or grammatical);
  • Performing a patent search;
  • Managing International patent filing requests and approved applications and other documents for various countries;
  • Patent Term Adjustment (PTA)-adjusts the term of the patent because of the delays occurred on part of the USPTO;
  • Conducting research on patent and copyright law;
  • Keeping a track on legal expenditure and invoice analysis;
  • Record maintenance of fee deposits made by the clients-patent filing fee, maintenance fee (depending upon the type of patent).
  • Resolving IP litigations: patent paralegals have expertise in resolving disputes aroused due to patent and license infringement.
  • PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and/or US National application filing: keeping the record of PCT applications status (filed applications as well as the approved ones).

 What do we bring?

Our team of efficient and experienced paralegal personnel works from the very first stage of patent filing until patent grant. We provide end-to-end services of patent docketing, data verification, proofreading, IDS management and form preparation for clients across the globe. Our personnel are well equipped with state-of-the-art tools. We are currently providing our services to our clients in more than 45 countries at pocket-friendly rates. To know more about our services, click here.

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