Patent Paralegal: Duties to Perform

Before getting on to what a Patent Paralegal does, let us first understand the term ‘Paralegal’.  A Paralegal is a person of law and is responsible for handling documentation work, briefing notes, transcribing statements,  etc. Paralegals work under lawyers and attorneys, in law firms and corporate offices.

A patent paralegal is the core professional of patent law and research firms. He/She is a person of law responsible for handling patent documentation and prosecution proceedings.

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Patent Paralegal Responsibilities:

  • In the sphere of Patent rights: patent paralegals work from the very first step of patent application filing till the final stage of patent grant.

What does a Patent Paralegal do?

 Their major responsibilities include:

 What do we bring?

Our team of efficient and experienced paralegal personnel works from the very first stage of patent filing until patent grant. We provide end-to-end services of patent docketing, data verification, proofreading, IDS management and form preparation for clients across the globe. Our personnel are well-equipped with state-of-the-art tools. We are currently providing our services to our clients in more than 45 countries at pocket-friendly rates. To avail our services, do give a visit to Patent Paralegal Force.

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