How to become a Patent Law Paralegal?

Patent Law Paralegal jobs require you to assist the clients in legal formalities that relate to the Patent, trademark and copyright laws. Patent paralegals can’t legally perform law but they are a strong asset for patent lawyers and their clients. They’re beneficial in many of the steps it takes clients to receive a patent as well as helpful in connecting with clients. They also help in reviewing a client’s application for any mistakes that needs correction or any missing information for a patent. We will discuss the steps on how to become a patent law paralegal.

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Steps to become a Patent Law Paralegal:

Patent Paralegals involve understanding technical scientific issues. It is often helpful for patent paralegals to have a degree or extra knowledge of one of the hard or life sciences. The education and experience to become patent law paralegals are:

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Patent Law Paralegal Education:

To become a patent law paralegal, one needs to have at least two year associate’s degree in a paralegal program. This is a requirement in most of the patent law offices. One can also get a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies instead of associate’s program.

There are also certain certification programs for becoming patent law paralegal. If you have already spent 4 years studying in a different field, then also you can start a career in patent law. There are certification programs one can take to become a patent paralegal.

Although the certification is voluntary, the employers always prefer the paralegals that own the certification from a well-recognized professional paralegal association. There are 2 well-renowned paralegal firms that certify paralegals who fall within their educational, skill and experience requirements:

  • NALA (National Association of Legal Assistants)
  • NFPA (National Federation of Paralegal Associations)

Also, there are regional associations that provide paralegal certification. It is very helpful for a job applicant to obtain certification as it proves that the applicant is qualified for the job. It also makes the applicant more preferable in front of the employer.

Patent Law Paralegal Experience:

Patent Paralegal experience also plays an important role alongside education to become an expert paralegal professional. Some patent offices provide internship to the students while receiving an education in the patent field. Internship provides one an insight to the patent process. They can give you the hands-on experience of working in a patent office and with clients and companies. Working as an intern will give you the experience in this specialized field.

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Further Studies:

One must continue education courses in order to prolong the paralegal certification. There are a number of continuous legal education courses that the bar association and paralegal association offer for the paralegals. A paralegal may develop his specialty in the intellectual property law after successfully completing these education courses. Also, it provides beneficial credentials that one can mention in his resume.

You must acquire paralegal training; obtain certificates, gain experience and continue education in order to secure a good career as patent law paralegal.

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