Patent Paralegal Services for IP Law Firms

New inventions have lot of potential to raise revenue for an industry’s and that’s why companies run to IP law firms to get their inventions registered as a patent quickly. In past few years IP law firms have seen manifold rise in patent registration requests. But it requires high level of resources management, and that’s why takes lot of time. This makes, getting patent for an invention a very complex and difficult legal process. Hence, by hiring the expertise and help of patent paralegal professionals you can give your clients the satisfactory IP services.

This article will tell you importance of patent paralegal experts and how they fulfill your IP legal requirements. So read till end and get to know everything about it.

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Who Are Patent Paralegal Professionals?

Patent paralegal experts are responsible for assisting the IP law firms in managing the daily IP related services they provide to their customers. Also called as legal assistants, they help the IP law firms in activities such as collection and management of IP data, giving support to lawyers, assisting legal practitioners, etc.

Patent paralegal services assist the law firms in drafting, proofreading the patent application and then filing the same with patent offices. It also helps law firms in docketing of patent data for timely response and manages the patent search and monitoring services. They support in the field of trademark registration and monitoring also.

But, one must understand that patent paralegals are not the entities that directly help inventors to get patents for their inventions. For getting patent the inventor will approach IP law firms only, patent paralegals just support the IP law firms in carrying out the patenting process smoothly. 

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Role of Outsourcing Patent Services

Patent paralegals help with physical filing of patent application of your client with trademark office. Not only this, they assist in developing the whole patent application so that chances of office actions are reduced, and your clients get the trademark rights at earliest.

They then monitor the progress of application and all the communications received from patent office and give you proper reports, you can then take responsive decisions and they will follow it and the cycle continues till the patent is obtained.

Meanwhile they monitor the already application process you can engage in helping new clients with their patent application process. This amplifies the output of your services and clients remain satisfied as a result more revenue awaits for you.

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Why IP Law Firms Must Outsource Patent Paralegal Services?

You have seen the support of patent paralegals in your daily patent and trademark applications handling.

Thus, many IP law firms try to raise their own in house team of patent paralegal experts to avoid the expenses spend on hiring the one. However, it overloads their manpower and hence their efficiency which is to provide core IP services to clients gets affected. So, being an IP law firm what you desire is the satisfaction of your customers. But it is not achievable be if the efficiency of your team is less than 100%.

Thus, IP law firms who care for their customers always go with third party agents for patent paralegal services. As in-house patent paralegal team burdens the skilled team members of extra out of domain work. It costs you the drop in efficiency of your work force.

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Whom to Hire For Patent Paralegal Services?

We at “PATENT PARALEGAL FORCE” provide patent paralegal services to patent attorneys at law firms. So, if you wish high quality services in minimum price we are the best choice for you. We have got 10+ years of experience in providing paralegal services and work with a 100+ strong team of patent experts with deep technical knowledge.

Our services are so reliable that we draft over 1500+ patent applications to draft every year. Our drafters are visionary and help you prepare an application that describes the future use of patent in concern.

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