Patent Law Paralegal to Deal with Office Action

Getting patents for your inventions requires filing a patent application with the patent office. Patent law paralegal helps you in filing the patent application. Examiner at patent office studies your application and accordingly proceeds with granting patent to your invention. You get patent only when your patent application is free from errors.

However, if there are errors then your application faces rejection. It is also known as office action on patent application. Hence, during office action the patent office sends you an official letter mentioning the reasons for rejection of your application. It also gives you the cutoff date by which you can improve and refile your patent application. But don’t worry, in all the steps you get the help from patent law paralegal you hire for patent filing.  

This article will give you a brief account on the reasons for office action. And how patent paralegals help you effectively deal with them. So keep reading.

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What Is An Office Action?

As stated above, office action is a document sent to you by patent examiner from the patent office. This document contains all the points that tell you the reasons why your patent claims are not allowable.

The first office action report comes between 15-18months from the date of patent application filing by patent law paralegal. But you receive actions only when your patent application is not enforceable. Else it gets accepted and moved for next process to grant you patent.

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How Patent Law Paralegal Help to Solve Office Action?

When you receive first office action it only means that you are notified of the errors in your patent application. It gives you the chance to rectify those errors and refile the application if you wish to do so, if you do not you can stop your work.

During second office action, you again get to know left out errors in your application after refiling. You again get the chance to correct it if you wish so. However, if even after so many chances your application is still not error free, patent office finally abandons your application.

Thus, you need to hire patent law paralegal to carefully handle office actions. It is because office action requires effort and money to refile the application. Handling office actions with maturity decides the fate of your invention which you develop after years of hard work. So, patent law paralegal help you to sort out the issues you face in office action.

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Office Actions in Which Patent Law Paralegal Help

Following points describe the reasons that invite office action on your patent application. Hence, read carefully.

Non-novelty –

An invention is something that was never developed by anyone before you. Hence, for patent office, an invention is something that is not in the record of database of patent office. Thus, if your invention is found not novel during the examination it will invite an office action. Patent law paralegal will help you in finding the claims to prove the novelty of your patent. They attach these claims in office action response draft.

Multiple Claims –

If during patent examination the examiner finds that your invention claims multiple inventions, it can also invite office action. The examiner asks you to segregates your claims into different relevant groups. You are able to do so with the help of intellectual property paralegal. They help you to select only claim group for your invention.

Incorrect Patent Draft –

The way you draft your patent application plays an important role in explaining your invention. It has two important aspects, explaining applicability of your invention and the grammatical correctness of application.

Thus if you are not able to explain the use of your invention your patent application receive office action. Patent law paralegal gives proper consideration to language in original application and also focus on the grammatical errors. It is because even smallest of spelling mistake changes the meaning of complete invention and you receive office action.

Incorrect Patent Illustrations –

Patent illustrations or patent drawings represent the invention in a pictorial way to the patent examiner. It helps in easily explaining complex parts of your invention easily to the examiner.

However, every patent office has certain guidelines and rules that you must follow while making the drawings for your invention. If you don’t meet these standards, your patent application receives office action. Common reasons for office action includes, not following margin guidelines, not using standard pen or pencil, etc.

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Best Patent Law Paralegal for Office Action

Now you know why office action response is so important. Thus you should seek the help of trustable patent law paralegal who holds experience in it. If you are looking for the same, you will not find better partner than us, “Patent Paralegal Force”.

We provide you services in the preferred field of your invention. Our professionals and state-of-art tool, help you meet every challenge of your patent application. You only need to pay us for the services you receive, you will not find it anywhere else. Read more about our services here.

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