Outsourced Paralegal Services for Patent Illustrations

Every year thousands of patent applications are filed with patent offices all across the world. But how many of them actually get accept during examination? It all depends on, does the patent application explains your invention easily to examiner or not? Using patent illustrations or patent drawings are the easiest to do so. There are two ways of doing it, either using your in-house IP paralegal team. Or you can also hire outsourced paralegal services.

In this article we will learn more about patent illustrations by outsourced paralegal services. We will also learn how beneficial it can prove during your patent prosecution. So read till last.

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In-House vs Outsourced Paralegal Services for Patent Illustrations

As an organization you invest your money and resources for inventing a technology. It needs you to do lot of R&D and intellectual investment. However, the next step to make your invention count is getting patent grant for it.

Thus, In-House paralegal service is, when you have an internal team to look after process of getting patent grant. However, outsourced paralegal services are when you hire external patent attorneys to look after the patent grant to your invention.

So, which will be best for you to choose? You should make every effort in the patent application to explain your invention easily to the patent examiner. Thus, making an internal team for patent illustration services, will burden your organization with an external work outside its domain. It will affect the productivity of your workforce, further the patent paralegal services you get are not of high quality. There will be high chances you receive office action.

Hence, using outsourced paralegal services for patent illustration eases the path of getting patent grant for your invention. It is because these external IP paralegals are expert in patent illustrations and other patent paralegal activities. Thus, you get easy patent by hiring external patent attorneys.

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What Is Meant By “Patent Illustrations”?

You must agree that visually represented things are much easier to understand, patent illustrations are something like that.

Patent illustrations are 2-D diagrams of your invention on a paper giving visual representation of the invention to the examiner at patent office.  Moreover, patent illustrations are mandatory to attach with patent application. Thus, you must hire outsourced paralegal services for producing legible patent illustrations.

It gives a better view of your invention and explains its complex parts and future applicability more clearly. Once the examiner feels satisfied with the outcomes after seeing your drawings, he passes your patent application. Moreover patent illustrations represent the inventions so clearly that even a common man can also understand all its features easily.

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Rules followed by Patent Attorneys while developing Patent Illustrations

Patent illustrations sound very easy but actually very difficult thing to do. If the external patent attorney doesn’t follow them properly it leads to office actions or rejection of your patent application.

Thus, to avoid the USPTO office action, need to hire experience outsourced paralegal services. They focus on following points while developing patent illustrations for your patent application:

  • Provisional applications usually don’t require any illustrations. However, if it is a non-provisional application then patent paralegal must attach at least one patent illustration with it. For better clarification the paralegal should attach more than one drawing in the application.
  • Although any color can be used in illustration, but your IP paralegal must go with white and black colour only.
  • Any drawing will be incomplete if it is without the details such as application number, invention and inventor’s name, identification etc.
  • You should also meet the sheet size requirements. The margins and type of paper used are also given importance in patent illustrations.
  • You should also avoid doing super imposition in your drawings.
  • Your intellectual property paralegal should also avoid solid shading while making symbols.
  • All patent illustrations must be numbered in the sequence they are attached. And any reference to them in the application should be done using their respective figure number only.

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Types of Patent Illustrations Outsourced Paralegal Services Can Provide

Different patent applications explain different inventions. Hence patent illustrations for them will vary according to the invention patent application is explaining. Based on this, following type of patent illustrations services are given by outsourced paralegal services.


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Patent illustrations are the important entities that help you get the patent grant without much difficulty. However, if you are thinking patent drawing as a DIY thing, then you might be wrong. As you have seen, if not done properly,patent illustrations are the one thing that invites maximum office actions. So you need to avail outsourced paralegal service for patent drawing that minimizes the errors in your drawing.

We “Patent Paralegal Force” do exactly the same. Our experts use latest software and technologies to draw accurate patent illustrations that are 100% in accordance with patent office rules. Your service is our priority hence we don’t stop till we provide 100% satisfaction. Also, we provide all this in a price that is difficult to find anywhere else, and even if you do we will match it. Read more about our patent paralegal services here.

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