Why to hire contract IP paralegal services?

With number of innovations sky rocketing, patent attorneys like you are feeling burdened in handling large number of clients. You need to manage so many patent applications all alone to help clients in getting registered patent for their inventions. If you are feeling this burden, then it is the right time to hire contract IP paralegal services.

Still wondering why to hire patent paralegal services? Then, this article is written for you only. Read complete and get to know the benefits when you hire contract IP paralegal services.

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What is contract IP Paralegal Services?

IP paralegals are also known as patent paralegals. They help patent attorneys like you in supporting their clients legally for getting patent for their inventions. The assistance that you get from IP paralegals, are varying and depend upon the nature of help you need from them.

IP paralegals help you with administration of patent applications, patent docketing, proofreading, and many more patent services. Thus, keep checklist of help you need ready before you hire contract IP paralegal services.

Other help that you may get from patent paralegal services include, client management, informing important updates, editing and reviewing legal patent documents, etc. These are basic and most common help you get from contract IP paralegal services.

However, there is no end to number of assistance that you get from IP paralegals. We will talk about their services in more detail in next paragraph, so keep reading till end.

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Services Provided by IP Contract Paralegal Professionals

You must have understood that patent paralegals role is to help you in getting your clients patents easily for their inventions. They do so by assisting you in other important sideways patent legal works. Thus you can focus keenly on your client’s patenting needs and requirements.

Some of the most important legal assistances you get from contract IP paralegal services are as follows:

Providing assistance in administrative work to patent attorneys

Administration plays an important role for any business to flourish, patent attorneys are no different. Thus to help your clients more efficiently you need the support of patent paralegals in daily administration activities. It includes –

Maintaining client files:

IP paralegals help you maintain the files of your clients and assist you in handling the IP work of your clients more easily. Thus, you can keep track of your IP clients, and manage their work efficiently.

Looking at the files of individual clients also allows you to give personal touch to them. This in return helps you in developing the bond with each client which increases their trust on you. Thus, you earn more business and more revenue in future.

With help of patent paralegals you can also manage office administration easily as they help you in managing excel spreadsheets also.

  Drafting important documents:

The professionals providing contract IP paralegal services assist patent attorneys in drafting the important documents of clients. It includes drafting the email communications to the clients, organizing calls, meetings with them.

They also assist you in drafting legal documents such as compiling information after doing legal, case law and background research.

Time  management of IP activities:

Intellectual property paralegals also help patent attorneys in carrying out calendar management. Using this, you can easily monitor the deadlines of important IP work of your clients. They help you in monitoring patent application of your clients during registration and prosecution phase. Hence, you will be to provide timely reminders to your IP clients and win their trust.

Carry out communication:

An important way of keeping your clients with you is having effective communication with them. However, with increasing IP activity load patent attorneys are not able to manage the communication with all their clients. Even if you manage to communicate, then your work quality will reduce. Hence, choosing either way, will lead to loss of relation with your clients. This is where contract IP paralegal services help you.

They communicate with your clients on your behalf on zoom calls, email chatting, and other communication platforms. This, way you remain aware of your client’s queries and issues and help them in better way.

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Providing assistance in core IP related works to patent attorneys

Don’t do the mistake of taking patent paralegals as the professionals who only help you in handling side works. They are trained patent experts who also help you in handling complex patent works. Taking their help you can increase the quality of your own patent paralegal services for your clients.

Some of the core areas where contract IP paralegal services help you are –

Conducting IP related searches:

An important aspect in getting easy patent grant and easy future use of patent is conducting relevant searches. It includes prior art search, trademark search, novelty search, etc. If the invention of your client passes the result of all these searches it becomes easier to get patent grant.

IP paralegal assist you in carrying out all the searches mentioned above. If the invention doesn’t fulfil the requirements, you can simply convey the results to your clients. In return you can also help them bring the changes in their patent application.

Prepare drafts of IP documents:

Contract IP paralegal services assist you in preparing the patent application draft of your clients. You can take their help in compiling the evidences proving the novelty of invention. If the patent application receives office action then IP paralegals help you in drafting the office action response for your clients.

On the basis of searches conducted, you can take the help of IP paralegals in drafting objections to infringing users.

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Who Provides Best Contract IP Paralegal Services?

Importance of hiring contract IP paralegal services is evident from the points stated above. However, the question that now arises is, “whom you should hire as your patent paralegal partner?” The criterion that you should follow while selecting your partner is their experience and reliability. “Patent Paralegal Force” proves to be one such partner of patent attorneys.

Selecting us you get the bunch of experienced patent professionals. Our patent experts are trained and qualified in carrying out all the patent related activities. We start our work knowing the requirements of our clients, and then customize our service as per their needs. Cost is not the issue, we charge for what we provide to you. Customer satisfaction is our core feature, read more about our services here.

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