IP Paralegal Service for Easy Patent Grant

Getting patent grant for your invention is an extremely tiresome work. You need to invest lot of time, effort, and money to convert your invention into a patent. However, if you will burden your in-house team with the task of patent prosecution, the efficiency of your organization will decrease. This will also affect the quality of service you provide. Thus, it is important for you to hire external help like IP paralegal service for easy patent grant.

Wondering how an external IP help will keep things in check for you? You are at the right place this article will make things crystal clear regarding IP paralegal service. So read till last and find reasons for easy patent grant.

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Who Are External IP Paralegal Service Providers?

IP Paralegal or Patent Paralegals are the professionals who are expert in legal aspects of patent prosecution process. IP paralegal service providers are team players. Their skills and knowledge help the patent owners or patent attorneys in getting easy patent grant.

They collaborate and extract relevant patent information from databases of patent offices. Once you hire them, you get help in patent docketing, generating docketing reports, etc. They also maintain the deadline reports and respond timely when the date gates near.

Thus, external patent paralegal service providers, make you feel free from burden of patent prosecution. Hiring patent paralegals, allows you to put desired effort in patent prosecution without affecting your organization’s original work.

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IP Paralegal Service: What they provide?

Following are the top notch services that you get after hiring an external IP paralegal service provider:

Preparing Patent Application and Filing –

Intellectual properties like inventions or trademarks that you want to register on your name. They all have the potential to change the future of your business. That’s why you need the best assistance when trying to get rights for your IP.

The process of same starts with preparing an appealing and applicable application. External IP paralegal service providers do it best for you. Their IP knowledge, professionalism, care, and attention towards your IP help you develop the best patent application.

They assist you in adding relevant evidences, to prove novelty of your invention. You also get their help in patent drawings to explain the applicability of invention easily to the patent office. They understand that time is money, thus valuing your time they fast forward the IP filing process. Don’t worry they maintain the quality of patent application so that you don’t receive office actions.

Proofreading the patent application –

We are always short of time, and hence we want to hurry in everything we do. But, your this approach in IP filing procedure, may hand you an instant office action on your IP application. It is because there may be some errors in your application that you as an inventor may not notice. Thus, your IP application needs a professional proofreading before filing it with patent office.

IP paralegal service providers help you with this aspect pf your application. They, provide you patent proofreading service, and thoroughly check your patent application. Thus, any errors, be it in claims, evidences, or patent drawings, patent paralegals help you find and omit all such errors from your application.

Your application may also contain grammatical errors, which if ignored will change the meaning of complete application. They help you in finding that also. Thus, with patent paralegals, there are very less chances of receiving office action on your patent application.

IP docketing services –

Innovators and patent attorneys, have large patent portfolio to handle. When you have such a huge patent portfolio, it becomes chaotic for you to keep track of every patent file or client you have. Thus, you need to hire docketing service of IP paralegal service providers.

They maintain your client files, patent files, and keep a proper record of every important date to come. Their docketing service also sends timely reminders to clients of patent attorney, so that they don’t miss important deadlines.

Proper response to office actions –

Even if your patent application receives office action, you get the time to rectify it and refile the application. But, if you commit the same mistake again, you will again receive office action. Thus, to prepare a proper office action response draft you need a proper guidance. This guidance is given by IP paralegal service providers. They help you correct the mistakes properly, and make sure application is appropriate and patent office accepts it.

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How to Get Best IP Paralegal Service?

Your IP has the power to revolutionize your organization, and hence you need the best guidance. The guidance you seek will also help you in taking correct business decisions. That is where the role of IP paralegal service providers becomes significant for you. But don’t hurry to select any random patent paralegal. Show maturity and hire the one that truly understands your needs. You should hire one that customizes its services as per your requirements. And this is what we at, “Patent Paralegal Force” do it for you.

Working with experience of 10+ years, we are currently serving more than 45 countries all across the world. We take care of all your patenting needs, such as IDS management, patent proofreading, patent docketing etc. The price also we charge is minimal, and justifies the service we provide. Read more about us here.

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