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Brand name of a product is something that keeps it popular in the market. Thus, getting trademark for your brand makes it, unique, safe, and legally exclusive to you. This prevents serious harm to the integrity of brand and your profile. Hence, trademark registration of your brand is necessary. Hence, you need to hire an IP Paralegal to assist you in trademark filing.

They make the trademark registration process easy for you. So, in this article you will get to know more about, importance of trademarks. And how IP Paralegal helps you acquire trademark for your brand. So keep reading, till end.

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Importance of Trademark for Your Brand

Before spending on IP paralegal salary for trademark filing, you should know, do you need to have trademark?

Trademarks are unique symbols, signs or pictures given legally to a brand. It makes the brand unique/different from other brands selling similar product. Hence it becomes easy for customers to identify your brand with its symbol. This, results in increasing popularity of the brand.

Once you register your brand with a trademark, no one else can use that trademark. Thus, your brand becomes exclusive and safe from any infringement from competitors. If someone does so you can take legal actions against them.

So, you keep your competitors away from misrepresenting your brand and its integrity. It remains popular in the market, and you keep receiving the profits you deserve.

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How IP Paralegal Assist You in Trademark Filing Process?

Below are steps in trademark filing process where the IP paralegal services helps you. Don’t miss anything else it will cost you negatively in future. So read carefully:

IP Paralegal Select The Mark As Per Goods and Services of your brand –

The first step towards trademark filing process is to select the trademark sign for your brand. However, “First impression is last impression” should be your approach while deciding the trademark for your brand. You cannot have a trademark sign describing a plant when your brand is an automobile. Thus, IP paralegal select a trademark sign that complements the service of your brand. It creates a positive impact on customers in market.

Follow Trademark Search Practice –

Going for Trademark search gives you knowledge of prior registered trademarks similar to one you are going to file. Since, it is illegal to use the registered trademarks of others. Thus, it protects you from possible infringement case and saves you from spending money to compensate this.

It also gives you an idea of what kind of trademark competition you have in the market. Hence, you can decide your trademark strategy and come with a unique trademark to beat your competitors.

Filing Trademark Application –

Once you are sure that the trademark you have chosen is unique and best. Now is the time to file the application for it at the trademark registration office. IP paralegal you hire ensures to attach all the necessary documents. These documents provide complete details of your trademark. You get notification upon receipt of application and you can then track it later.

Examination Of Trademark Application –

Trademark office examine your trademark on parameters like uniqueness, applicability, correctness of application, etc. After the examination you get the notification of acceptance or rejection of your application.

IP Paralegal for Refiling Of Trademark Application –

You get the complete details with reasons if your application faces rejection. You also get the last date to refile the application. So, IP paralegal work on those reasons and refile the application before the last date. Later the re-examination of application takes place.

In case you still don’t meet the objections, a hearing takes place where you can place your points to support your application. This process keeps repeating till your application finally gets green signal.

Publication And Inviting of Objection –

Next step in trademark filing process is the publication of trademark in local journals. It aware the general public about your trademark. It also asks them to file an objection if they feel it is infringing their trademark.

Registration Of Trademark –

When there is no objection or if IP paralegal solves the objections then the trademark registration is complete. When there are no objections, trademark registration happens automatically. You can now use your trademark officially in the market. This marks completion of all the processes involved in trademark filing process.

Which IP Paralegal will be best for you?–

Trademarks are the important entity to raise your brand in the market. But as you have seen the process to get them is equally complex and difficult. Thus, you should seek professional IP paralegal experts to help you in trademark filing process. The best choice will be “Patent Paralegal Force”

We work with professionals having expertise and experience in trademark filing from over a decade. Hiring us you get easy and cost effective services. You will get timely notifications during every step of trademark filing process. Read our all our services to know more about us.

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