Hiring A Patent Paralegal Firm for Patent Registration

New technologies possess lot of future opportunities in terms of growth and revenue to the companies inventing them. However, no matter what invention you do, it cannot give you benefit until you get the patent rights for your invention. Thus, you need to hire a patent paralegal firm that can help you obtain patent registration for your invention. It secures the invention on name of person who invents it.

Patent registration gives you numerous advantages over your competitors that we will discuss later in this article.  Thus, this article will tell you how hiring a patent paralegal firm eases the patent registration process. So keep reading and add to your patent wisdom.

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What Do You Understand By Patent Registration?

Patent registration is the process of applying for and getting legal rights for your invention either with external help or in-house help. The patent office of your respective region provides you with patent registration for your invention. These patent offices are government agencies that look after the IP related activities in a country.

After the patent registration is you get the patent rights for your invention. Now, your patent i.e. your invention totally belongs to you only. It means no one else can use your patent without your license. You can also sue the infringer who even then also tries to register or use the patent similar to you. And the easiest way of getting patent registration for your inventions are, hiring a patent paralegal firm i.e. with an external help.

However, you should note that your patent rights remains valid only in the region of the respective patent office that grants you patent registration for your invention. Such as USPTO and EPO grants you patent registration to be used only in USA and EU respectively. If you want to assert your patenting rights all over the world then you must apply with international patent office.

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Steps followed by Patent Paralegal Firm during Patent Registration

Patent registration is combination of different processes involving legal IP matters. The patent paralegal firm you hire for patent registration follows these steps sequentially and helps you get patent grant easily. They follow all the rules of patent office of your region as a single mistake in any step will invite the office action. The consequence of same will be rejection of your patent application by the examiner.

However, if your application faces rejection, you also receive the reasons for same and the last date to refile the application again. So the patent paralegal firm you hire, helps you to rectify it and file the patent application again. This process keeps continuing till you get the patent for your invention.

Few reasons that invite office actions include non-novelty of invention, incorrect patent drawings, improper patent application draft, non-applicability of invention etc.

Following are the steps used during patent registration –


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Why invest in hiring Patent Paralegal Firm?

Now we are sure, you know “what is patent registration. Thus, now is the time we move to why you should invest in hiring patent paralegal firm for patent registration? As it is a costly affair and if you don’t see any benefit you should not invest in it. Thus following points will tell you the need to go for patent registration –

Keeps Your Competitors Away From Market:

As stated earlier, patent registration makes your invention exclusive to yourself. It means no one else can file the claim for an invention that you have already got the patent for. Thus, it gives you the legal rights to sell, make, produce, use and license your patent the way you want.

In fact, the moment patent paralegal firm file the patent application for your invention. The patent office secures your invention for 12months i.e. no one else can file the claim for the same invention for next 12months.

Gives You Revenue By Monetizing It:

Patent registration gives you ample opportunities to earn revenue from your invention. You earn more revenue from the market by launching the new patents (products) which your competitors don’t have. You can also sell the license of your patent to be used by some other company in lieu of annual monetary compensation given to you.

If you find anyone infringing your patent rights you can take legal actions against them, or you can settle the case with a monetary compensation given to you by the infringer. However, all the process you read above, requires legal assistance, that can only be provided by a patent paralegal firm.

Patent Watch Service Helps You Decide Future Plan:

Once patent registration is done, your patent is now in official domain. Hence, you can monitor the patents filed all over the world similar to your technology. It will give a picture of market competition you are going to face in future. Thus, based on this you can easily make strategies of R&D i.e. is it needed to invest in R&D of your patent? Or you should develop a whole new technology? It will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

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Who is the best Patent Paralegal Firm to hire?

Patent registration is a time consuming process and very complex too. Thus, if you don’t have any familiarity with it then you might be wasting your time,. That too, with full surety of office actions standing on your door. So, you need a professional help i.e. the support of a patent paralegal firm. They help you go along with easy patent registration for your invention. And we “Patent Paralegal Force” feel very happy to be able to support you.

Choosing us you get the patent filing experience of over a decade. Our experienced technical and legal matter experts help you in your field of invention be it in any field. Working with clients interests first, our goal is to minimize your expenses and maximize your returns. Probably that’s why we are able to earn clients from 45+ countries. Getting you certificate is not our only goal, but to make you earn from the patent is our aim. Read our services here.

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