Patent Proofreading: Do it with Intellectual Property Paralegals

Acquiring patent grant for an invention is a costly affair in terms of both time and money. It takes minimum 3years to finally get patent rights if the patent application does not receive any office action. However, reports show that 98% of patent applications filed with USPTO have at least one mistake. Such mistakes invite office actions and make you refile the corrected application to acquire patents. But why spend time and money in rectifying the office actions? You just need to hire intellectual property paralegals for patent proofreading.

What patent proofreading will do for you? Don’t worry this article gives you a complete overview on patent proofreading services of intellectual property paralegals. Reading it full, you will understand how it eases the journey of acquiring patent rights. So keep reading.

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Definition of Patent Proofreading

Definition of patent proofreading lies in its name. It means following such practices that make your patent full proof from errors. In actual terms, patent proofreading means finding all the possible errors in the patent application. These are the errors that may cause the problem while acquiring patent rights and after acquiring patent rights.

When you hire intellectual property paralegals for patent proofreading they thoroughly study the draft of your patent application. Once, their study is complete, they notify you of errors in patent application created during the drafting process.

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Why Hire Intellectual Property Paralegals For Patent Proofreading?

As stated earlier almost 98% of patent applications filed with USPTO have at least one error. Also the domain of these errors is so wide that they can be related to anything. Such errors are almost impossible for you to find yourself.

Thus, patent proofreading services of intellectual property paralegals helps you discover such domains and their respective errors in your application. Once patent paralegals identify them, you can correct them before filing the patent application. Otherwise, these errors will invite the office action if proofreading is not done.

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Let’s see some common domains of patent application that require patent proofreading by intellectual property paralegals:

Unable To Explain Applicability –

One of the prime criterions for patent grant is whether the invention is applicable for future use or not. If explanation on use of invention is not well in the patent application, it will be considered as non-applicable. Hence, your invention will be deemed not fit for patent grant.

Hiring, patent proofreading services of patent paralegals will help you explain your invention in more comprehensive manner. It gives the clear picture of your invention to the patent office. Thus, intellectual property paralegals help you to get a patent for your invention easily.

Errors In Patent Language –

You may call it as grammatical errors in the drafting of patent application. So, even smallest of spelling mistakes and mistakes in sentence formation can completely change the definition of invention. Thus, these mistakes in patent application will render your invention ineffective for use.

It immediately invites office action and your patent application faces rejection. Thus, patent proofreading will tell you all the grammatical mistakes in application and you can correct it before receiving the office action.

Errors Related To Patent Drawings –

Drawings explain every aspect of your invention in a pictorial manner to examiners at patent office. However, if the rules of drawings set by patent office are not followed properly then it will invite office action.

Thus, patent proofreading services of intellectual property paralegals helps you find all such errors in patent drawings. This in return makes the patent drawings seem effective in the patent application.

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Intellectual Property Paralegals Providing best Patent Proofreading Services

One thing is clear, patent proofreading by intellectual property paralegals is a very important step in getting patent for the invention. Hence, you must hire patent paralegal professional who can find all the errors in patent draft. And who helps you in preparing a final and error free draft for filing with patent office. “Patent Paralegal Force” happens to be a suitable partner in your patent proofreading journey.

We have professional who got all the technical expertise in patent proofreading, and easily find the inconsistencies in the patent draft. Our client first service in never seen price range has earned us over thousand plus clients all across the globe. Presently we are serving clients in over 45+ countries. Do read our about our services here.

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