Patent Docketing System: Understanding the basics

Patent law firms receive thousands of patent applications annually, and it can become chaotic for them to handle such large amount of applications. However, if these applications are not managed and organized properly it may cause inconvenience to their clients. If the clients miss important dates, notices, reminders, etc. on their applications from patent office, it will make their application get reject. Thus, if you also face the same issue for your clients, there is high need for you to avail PATENT DOCKETING SYSTEM of IP professionals.

This article will help you to get all the knowledge you need before hiring patent docketing systm. So stay tuned and find your answers related to patent docketing.  

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Going by conventional meaning, docketing means to label or mark the contents for their easy management and patent docketing system is no different. Thus, when you avail patent docketing service all the aspects related to the patent application are marked properly. It helps you so that timely reminders are sent and you can ask your clients to take required actions before these deadlines.

Patent docketing system manages all the emails from patent office properly. So, in short, it helps law firms keep check of all the patent applications they have of their client. Thus, they are able to provide best and efficient patenting service to their clients.

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Managing thousands of patent applications all together with full accuracy is not an easy task, and hence you need to hire a third party agent (IP professionals) to carry the docketing of your clients patent applications. These IP professionals use automatic patent docketing system to manage the records and documents of each and every patent application.

The process starts with the client sending his patent application with all the relevant documents. As soon as the law firm receives patent application, the patent docketing system provide unique marks to all the documents. Such as name, file number and each document is the scanned and stored in the software with all the details. Then timely updates are being updated in the software and as the deadline comes it is notified to the law firm who in turn informs the clients.

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  • Managing the paper work – Patent application requires lot of paper work and makes it difficult to keep and track all the papers. Thus, patent docketing scans the documents and keeps them in database reducing the effort to handle papers.
  • All the data is in electronic docketing platforms, thus you can retrieve any document anytime you want. Patent docketing system updates all the records on time.
  • Law firms also hire insurance companies to protect them, they do so with the help of patent docketing service as it minimizes the risk of missing deadlines and hence there is no chance of case of malpractice suit against the law firm.
  • Patent docketing brings more business to law firms, as they keep clients up-to-date with all the deadlines, hence clients remain satisfied and may recommend the law firm among their business partners.

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Patent docketing System is a careful process and needs high accuracy, thus you should always hire the docketing partner who is reliable and values your interest. If you are wondering who can be your reliable partner, then we are proud to say that we at “Patent Paralegal Force” will provide everything you need to manage your client’s patent applications.

We work with cutting-edge tools and software such as Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel, etc. to give you best patent docketing service. Our specialty is we provide customize patent docketing service to our clients, i.e. client can use the software they want. Don’t worry your IP data remains secured with us. Price we charge is minimum and unmatched anywhere in the industry with quality of service we provide.

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