Why to hire Patent Filing Service?

Protecting your invention is an essential task to do as securing it prevents anyone else from using it illegally. That’s why you need to get the patent grant for your invention as soon as possible before disclosing it to anyone. For this purpose you need the help of a professional personal i.e. a patent filing service. Once you protect your invention, it legally belongs to you. Hence, you are the legible owner to keep the profit that originates from your patent.

Want to know more about this service? You are at the perfect place, this article will tell you clearly about patent filing service. How you can make your patent grant procedure more comfortable? So read till end.

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Importance of Patent Filing Service

Getting patent grant for your invention is complex legal process. If you think that you can do it yourself, then you are in the wrong direction. As a single mistake will hand you the office action from patent office. Thus, to overcome these legal complexities you will need an assistance. For this purpose you will need someone who has complete knowledge of patent prosecution and technical insights of your invention.

Patent paralegals are the professionals who help you with this process. Hiring them, your chances of receiving office action reduces. Thus you wont have to file your application again with office action response draft. It is because they prepare your patent application error free, at first instance only.

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How Patent Paralegal Helps You with Patent Filing Service?

Your patent filing service partner i.e. your patent paralegal takes the responsibility of patent filing on his shoulders. Rest assured they know their job role and are experienced enough to tackle all the problems that can come during patent prosecution. Thus, you can hire them without hesitation and expect following support from them during patent prosecution:

Keep your invention Confidential –

One of the most important jobs during patent registration, your invention must remain a secret. Thus, patent filing service helps you use non-disclosure agreements with third parties. It keeps your invention novel, till you file it with patent office.

Help you assess patentability of your invention –

Any invention is considered to be patentable only when it is found to be new or novel. If there patents records in the patent office, before you file the application with them, your patent is not novel. Thus, you are not liable to have patent for the invention, which already exists in records of patent office.

Thus, with patent filing service you can find and solve the problems that are coming your way, before you actually face them. It also helps you in making the invention, more practical, i.e. your invention must solve a practical/technical problem. In other words you will not get patent grant, if your invention is not practical for general public.

Drafting of your patent application:

Now you are sure of the novelty, applicability, and confidentiality of your invention. Then it is the time to explain your invention in written form in the patent application. It is called as patent drafting of your invention. Patent filing service helps you formulate a comprehensive details and technical aspects of your invention in the application. It includes claims, drawings, and proofs to define scope of protection.

Patent filing service, help patent examiner easily understand how your invention works, through your patent application.

Reacting on recommendations of patent office:

Once you have done the patent filing, the patent examiner does an examination of your patent application. He tests it on multiple parameter, and if found right, gives the green signal for patent grant to your invention. These parameters are, novelty and applicability of your invention. However, if he sees something not right in your patent application, you receive an office action.

But don’t worry here also the patent filing service is there to help you. It studies the detailed examination report sent by the patent office. Once, clear with the reasons for rejection, they help you in removing the errors in your application. And develop a more novel and more applicable patent application. This, process keeps continuing till you finally receive the patent grant for your invention.

So you can see from the above points that, you never remain alone during your patent grant journey. Thus, you need to hire patent filing service, and get best out of them, to get patent in one go only.

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Who is patent filing service provider?

Now you must have understood what kind of help you can expect under patent filing services of patent paralegal. Thus, don’t remain in dilemma that any kind of patent application draft can be filed with the PTO and it will be accepted by examiner there. No it is not the case, until and unless your patent application doesn’t tells, how your invention is novel? why your invention must be given patent grant? It will not be given patent grant by patent office. That’s why you need to choose someone who can understand the applicability of your invention and describe it comprehensively in patent draft.

Choosing “Patent Paralegal Force” will give you this opportunity. Our experience of over a decade, helps you prepare patent application draft that explains future prospects of your invention. We help in making your invention look more applicable and you get patent grant easily. So, you will not be forced to spend unnecessarily on refiling of patent application by eliminating chances of office actions. Read more about our services here.

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