What is IP docketing?

IP docketing keeps track of IP prosecution deadlines before their respective regulating agencies. There are several deadlines for trademark and patent filings, registrations, and oppositions. These deadlines can be as short as 90 days or as long as 6-10 years after receiving the notification. This makes trademark and patent applications have so many deadlines to keep track of. That’s why IP practitioners need a dependable docketing system to keep track of them.

So if you are searching relevant information about intellectual property docketing then reading this article is the best option for you. Here you will find everything you need to know about IP docketing services.

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What is an IP Docketing Specialist?

Patent docketing provides IP professionals the option to manage deadlines of IP prosecution matters. It includes managing documents of patent and trademark application process. To assist patent professionals IP docketing specialists are there.

There are multiple IP filing deadlines to track and it takes a reliable docketing system to track them. An IP docketing specialist works and manages the docketing software of the company. This IP docket is a technical calendar which tracks the IP filing deadlines. Thus, an IP docketing specialist is a skilled professional with good knowledge of using docketing software. They maintain and monitor all the docketing information of firm using the software.

Their job role involves entering data, update matters, upload documents, send emails and other communications using the docketing software. Their docketing services also includes running important useful reports using data from docketing software. It helps to convert data into useful, actionable information for other members of the IP team and clients.

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What is patent docket number?

A patent docketing number is a unique identity number of every patent application. It is a text that contains up to 25 alphanumeric characters which helps to identify patent applications easily. However, USPTO doesn’t provides the docketing number. Thus, it can be a combination of any number and letters. You can enter complete or partial docket numbers and get the list of matching applications. It needs you to enter at least the first three characters in your docket number.

Why IP docketing matters the most?

As you read above, patent docketing services allows you to track important IP prosecution dates. It includes, IP filing, responding to office actions, sending important emails, etc. Thus, the docketing services ensures timely execution of above activities. This results in smooth workflow, better time management, and happy clients.

But the major question is why it matters the most? It is because missing IP deadlines can lead to paying expensive fees to recover actions. Or even worst, missing deadlines can also cause abandonment of your clients IP application. This can seriously damage the reputation of your IP firm and generate losses. Here are the things in detail that can go wrong if you neglect patent docketing:

1. Late fees of missing deadlines:

IP offices do have the provisions of accepting late responses after the deadline. But now there will be a cost to make you pay for your late submission. You can file the application with a late fees of several hundred dollars. If it is the attorney responsible for delay, the cost is borne by it only. It also costs you loss of reputation as once the potential customers will come to know about you missing the deadline, you will lose credibility. This will in return cost you the loss in your business.

2. Ethics violations:

It is one of the serious claims that can be levied upon IP firms if they miss deadlines. In fact, “failures to meet deadlines” is one of the top causes of malpractices claims. In few cases, some attorneys were suspended, or debarred for failing to meet the deadlines. One such example is of “California Attorney” which was responsible for missing multiple deadlines. And this was not because they were irresponsible, but due to the faulty IP docketing system.


How to avoid missing deadlines using IP docketing?

You have seen how lethal it can be to miss the deadlines of patent offices. Thus, you need to hire reliable patent docketing professional who provides you with best docketing services. The best patent docketing services calculates the deadlines and sends you timely reminders once they approach. And that’s why you need to hire “Patent Paralegal Force“.

We provide you with matter opening in docketing software. Along with that we provide you docketing at each step so that you never miss any deadlines. Our TAT for critical documents with deadlines is less than 24 hours and for non-critical document is 36 hours. To feel more confident about us, know that we have a fully functional team of patent professionals. We work with the state-of-the-art tools, which reliably provide a bouquet of services including Docketing. But whether you go with us or anyone else, ensure to read reminders. And take timely actions when it comes to filing the responses.

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