Patent attorneys receive many clients all around the year to seek their help in prosecution of their patents and trademarks. However this ever increasing number of clients possesses great challenge for law firms to keep track of every client. Thus to manage large number of clients, you as an IP law firm need the help of IP docketing specialist. They help you in tracking deadlines of trademarks, patents, and copyrights prosecution.

It thus helps you keep data of all your clients efficiently. You also keep track of all deadlines during the application process. This way you give them your patent services timely without fail. In case you want to know more about IP docketing services, this article is the correct place for you to know it. So keep reading till end.

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Meaning of IP Docketing

Having patent docketing system in your attorney will help you keep track of upcoming deadlines. It alerts the patent attorneys of upcoming important dates. This way, you can take the required steps at time and get patent registration for your clients at earliest.

However over the years, it has evolved with more than just be a deadline tracking. It now enables you to store information, notes, documents, images, etc. of your clients. Patent docketing stores all this data electronically and allows you to access the file of any of your clients anytime you want. Thus all the paper work goes less.

It involves receiving of correspondence from patent office, reviewing it, and entering it into the system. For more integrity, you can double check the data. Following is the process of patent docketing:

  • File of the clients are given an application number
  • Reviewing of correspondence received from patent office
  • Adding notes/images to describe the matter more clearly
  • Preparing the database having deadlines and reminders for clients
  • It also enables you creating a status report
  • In the end, you can effectively communicate with clients and update them the status of their matter.

Importance of IP Docketing

You can understand IP docketing as a tool which lets you manage and keep track of important dates and data during the application prosecution process. But many IP law firms see this tool as an option that they can use later, which is totally wrong.

Patent, trademark filings, registrations, litigation, and all other IP related processes, have deadlines associated with them. If you don’t complete tasks related to these within the given deadline by PTO of your region, you will have to refile your application. The deadline days may range something up to 90 days from the receipt of notification from the PTO.

Thus, an IP docketing specialist helps you track these deadlines and keep your clients satisfied. IP law firms not having reliable docketing system for tracking, remain at risk of providing inefficient services to their clients. Hence, you will lose your rights as an IP attorney, along with losing IP rights of your clients. This will make you lose your time, money and most important your reputation in the IP industry.

How to get Docketing Service?

IP docketing is a continuous job and hence needs a docketing specialist who can give you expert docketing solution. Thus, you need to hire professional docketing specialist for your IP law firm. They provide you with the docketing software to keep the track of all incoming and outgoing notifications from PTO for your clients.

Utilizing this you can timely inform your clients about the messages of PTO. Later, you can sit with your client and help them in coming up with best response to the notifications received from PTO.


Patent docketing System is a careful process and needs high accuracy, thus you should always hire the docketing partner who is reliable and values your interest. If you are wondering who can be your reliable partner, then we are proud to say that we at “Patent Paralegal Force” will provide everything you need to manage your client’s patent applications.

We work with cutting-edge tools and software such as Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel, etc. to give you best patent docketing service. Our specialty is we provide customize patent docketing service to our clients, i.e. client can use the software they want. Don’t worry your IP data remains secured with us. Price we charge is minimum and unmatched anywhere in the industry with quality of service we provide.

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