Patent Paralegal Assistants for Prior Art Search

Patent rights make your invention exclusive and prohibit your competitors from claiming, using, selling or developing the invention on which you have spent time and money to develop. Thus, if your invention is not novel or similar patents already exist officially, then it will not be provided patent right. In such cases prior art search by patent paralegal assistants helps you find the novelty of your invention and saves you from office actions.

This article will make you aware of prior art search services of patent paralegal assistants. Reading this article you will also get to know, how you can avail the benefits of it.

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What Is Prior Art Search by patent paralegal assistants?

Before we dig in to what prior art search means, you should know what we call as a prior art. If anything similar to your invention already exists in public domain then it will be referred to as prior art.

Now the next question that arises is, what is the criterion to decide prior art?

Priority date helps patent paralegal assistants decide relevant prior arts. It chooses the filing date of your patent application as the cut-off date to decide prior arts. Meaning, all the similar inventions if available officially before the filing date of your patent application, then they will be called as prior arts and your invention will be deemed non-novel.

Hence, when you avail prior art search services, you get complete details of all the relevant prior arts that make your invention non-novel and hence it prevents you from office actions.

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Importance of Prior Art Search Services

Before investing in hiring patent paralegal assistants for conducting prior art searches, relevance of prior art searches must be clear to you. Thus, read following points to understand why prior art search services of patent paralegal assistants are important:

  • Prevents Office Actions –

The very prime importance of prior art search is to make you obtain patent grant for your invention easily. It does so by proving the novelty of your invention as you have read earlier. Patent office provides your invention patent rights without thinking twice, if your it is novel.

  • Future Plans –

The other advantage of prior art search services of patent paralegal assistants is, they help you formulate better R&D strategy. They do so by giving you the details of similar products like your invention. Hence based on those results you can make your invention more novel and more applicable. It will help you invest money in the right R&D strategy, and you can easily beat competition in the market.

  • Avoid Infringement Chances –

Suppose an instance where patent office might overlook the prior arts and grants you the patent rights. Then in the future it may be challenged by your competitors who can sue you for the infringement of their patent rights if it exists. Thus, using prior art search services of patent paralegal assistants, you can avoid infringement cases against you in the future. You can do this even before filing of your patent application.

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How to avail prior art search services?

You must have got sure that prior art search is not a DIY task. Even if you do so, you will be wasting your time and money for finding nothing in result. It is because prior art search requires technical expertise and skills, so you need to hire professional patent paralegal assistants. They help you in finding relevant prior arts for your invention. You can choose us “Patent Paralegal Force” as your partner during patent grant journey.

We have highly experience patent search experts having 10+ years of experience in this domain.  You will not find cost effective prior art search services like us anywhere else. All the patent services we provide are time bound and best in class. Choosing us you become able to take IP related business decisions quickly and effectively. Read more about our services here.

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