What does an Intellectual property litigation attorney do?

The litigation sector has seen a sudden rise in intellectual property rights cases. It is because, with increasing demand, competition among industries to be the first choice of their customers is also increasing. Thus, companies are doing lot of innovations and coming up with, new technologies and products. So to mark these inventions on their name, before anyone else claims it, IP registration is necessary. However, this is a legal process and needs you to hire an intellectual property litigation attorney.

Most of the times these litigation attorneys also help in fighting the legal cases of IP rights between two industries. The most famous example is of Apple vs Samsung, and there countless other examples also. So, if you also require such help for your industry, hiring an IP litigation attorney will be best. This article will tell you everything about their roles, and responsibilities. So read till end.

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Why to hire an Intellectual Property litigation Attorney?

If you are an industry who has come up with an innovation, you must protect it by getting its legal rights. For this you need to deal with patent office, and get patent registration for your innovation. However, it is a complex process and needs a lot of legal expertise. Thus, you must hire an Intellectual property litigation attorney.

They assist you right from filing the application, dealing with office action, till you get the IP rights. Not just this, they also help you in finding the infringers of your IP rights. Thus, taking their help you can sue these infringers and protect your rights. However, if someone sues you for infringing their IP rights, then also IP litigation attorney helps you. They defend your IP rights.  

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Actions of an IP litigation Attorney

An intellectual property litigation attorney propagates, responds to request, and drafts documents for courts. Taking and defending the cases, of their clients is of course their main job role. It doesn’t ends here they engage in legal research and spend a lot of time in finding prior arts. This helps them in defending your IP rights in court.

If someone sues you on infringing their IP rights, you can defend yourself with the help you IP litigation attorney. They can do it in two ways, by proving that patent is invalid, or by proving that you don’t infringe their patent. Latter is in the case, when patent turns to be valid.

The attorney you hire invalidates the patent by collecting evidences that proves that patent in non-novel. That’s why most of the time of your litigation attorney goes in searching and collecting the data of prior arts. Once a prior art similar to the challenger is found you can invalidate his patent in the court.

In case of other case, when it is not a prior art, the attorney proceeds in proving that you don’t infringe the rights of challenger. They do so by finding and attaching the claims that proves the novelty of your patent. The attorney also, develops the facts and testimonies that make the judges believe that your patent is different from the challenger.

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Which Intellectual Property litigation attorney to hire?

Protecting your IP rights saves the future of your organization. Thus you constantly need to monitor your patent and trademark rights. The moment you notice any infringement you should start the IP Litigation process. And as told above, you cannot go alone and need an IP lawyer to assist you. Thus, you need to hire someone you can trust, and find reliable. “Patent Paralegal force” turns out to be the one such partner for you.

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