Virtual Patent Paralegal: Managing Workload of Patent Attorneys

With increasing IP filings all around the globe the IP law firms are receiving large number of clients to get patent registration. It is increasing their workload, and hence the quality of service IP law firms provide, is reducing. If you are also a patent attorney, you must also have faced this problem. Thus, to counter this situation, IP firms are now seeking help of virtual patent paralegal. They help them in managing their increasing workload easily.

This article covers all the aspects of virtual patent paralegal in brief. Reading this you will know, who are they, and why to hire them. So read till end.

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Who is a Virtual Patent Paralegal?

Virtual Patent Paralegal as the name suggests are the patent professionals. They are certified and trained paralegals who have the legal knowledge on matters of intellectual property prosecution. Thus, they provide services to IP firm and patent attorneys remotely or virtually. This helps attorneys remain at ease and address each of their clients effectively. Thus, the clients remain happy with you feeling the burden of keeping them happy.

There are many works where Virtual IP paralegal may help your attorney. Some of them are, managing the IP activities of clients, administrative tasks, handling legal tasks, etc.

Why to Choose a Virtual IP Paralegal?

We hope that now you know who a virtual paralegal is. So lets move and see what role they play and why you should hire them:

Managing the admin tasks and IP work:

They help IP law firms in managing all the IP related activities of their clients. It includes everything right from the patent filing till they get patent registration. Apart from that they also help in administration of your Law firm, so that the task among your team is evenly distributed. This makes the work quicker among your firm and client satisfaction increases.

Tracking IP Application Status of Clients:

One of the prime advantages of hiring a virtual patent paralegal is their assistance in patent prosecution of your clients. They help you in keeping the track of IP applications of your clients pending with USPTO. The tracking status helps them know the objections of USPTO and they can respond to office actions timely and accurately.

Saves Time and Increases Efficiency:

Since IP paralegals reduce your workload thus you can focus your efforts towards other essential activities of your clients. This will help you complete the projects of your clients in minimum time possible. While you remain busy with your clients, the other essential activities will be look over by virtual paralegals. This reduces the time of task and increases the efficiency among your law firm employees.

Notifies of Deadlines of USPTO:

IP attorneys often remain busy with heavy workload of their IP clients. So they can miss out deadlines raised by USPTO to meet a particular demand. Further, USPTO doesn’t send any reminders to these deadlines they just send one message which includes the deadline date. If you miss this, it will lead to rejection of patent application. Then heavy fines are to be paid to refile the patent application. Hiring IP paralegals helps you avoid this, as they keep monitoring the deadlines raised by USPTO. They also send timely reminders to your clients so that they remain aware of it and don’t miss it.

Avoids Excess Money Expenditure in Patent Prosecution:

As told above if you will miss the deadlines, you need to refile the application with fines. Thus, hiring virtual patent paralegal avoids this and you keep meeting the deadlines timely. They also file responses for office actions timely. Thus your clients don’t need to pay additional fees for not meeting the timeline of USPTO.

Further, since office action response is filed on time, thus the patent application remains alive. This prevents the abandonment of IP application of your client.

Who provides best Virtual Paralegal services?

Hiring a right virtual patent paralegal will help you in giving the best services to your clients. This will earn you more business as an IP attorney in the market. However, if you will choose the wrong IP paralegal, it will do more harm to you than good. Thus, you need to choose the one who is reliable and experienced. That’s why we present you the paralegal services of our, i.e. “Patent Paralegal Force

We have earned clients in more than 45+ countries it’s all because of our reliable services. Our team includes the professionals having rich experience in IP law dealings. We provide our paralegal services using state of art tools. We totally understand your work first and then proceed with our services. Read more about our services here.

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