IP LITIGATOR: Role in IP litigation

Article I of the US Constitution has the roots of intellectual property or IP rights. An intellectual property is nothing but the creations, or discoveries of human mind. It includes new inventions, artistic works, product development, etc. So to get the rights for your IP, you need to go through IP litigation process. It is because, IP rights are protected by state laws thus they must be acquired by legal proceedings. For this purpose you need the help of an IP litigator.

Since, we are living the time of globalization, thus, IP rights are of international concern also. Thus, you cannot proceed with IP litigation process without an IP litigator. This article will tell you more about the roles of intellectual property litigator, keep reading till end.

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What is meant by Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual property of an individual covers the development and exclusiveness of novel patents, trademarks, copyrights, developed by him. Thus, when you get IP rights for your invention, it means that you legally own that novel creation. Hence, only you are entitled avail the benefits of your IP for the given period of time.

If anyone else uses your IP on his name, it is a legal crime and you can sue him for infringing your IP rights. It is known as patent infringement which means when someone is using your IP without authorization. Thus, IP litigator will fight your case against the infringer and make him pay for it.

Not just the inventions, but trademarks can also be infringed by your competitors. Trademarks are nothing but a symbol, logo or word that tells about the brand of a product in market. Thus, trademark differentiates between the brands of similar products in the market. So, if anyone else uses your trademark for promoting his product, you can sue him using an IP litigator.

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What does an IP litigator do?

As have read above, IP rights cover your novel inventions, trademarks, copyrights etc. legally. Thus, an IP litigator helps you in acquiring these rights from patent and trademark office of your region. Also, they help you in suing the competitor who infringes your intellectual property rights.

But there role doesn’t end here, they also in help other IP litigation process like creating an agreement between IP rights owner and the third party whom they want to use their IP rights. This usually happens when the third party agrees to pay fee or royalty to the IP owner upon exchange of using their IP rights. Thus, an IP litigator also helps in monetization of your IP rights.

Other roles of an intellectual property litigator includes, trademark dilution, patent proofreading, patent drafting, application preparation, filing of it, etc.

Sometimes patent attorneys or patent law firms also hire them for patent docketing. An IP litigator provides patent docketing services to help the attorneys in managing their clients successfully. They keep the track of every client, and timely inform them of notifications from patent office. It helps in giving timely response to patent office, and client remains satisfied. Thus, patent attorney receives more business in future.

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Which IP litigator is best to hire?

Role of an IP litigator is very important, for the success of any intellectual property rights. They also play an important role in creating the reputation of a patent attorney. Thus, it is important to hire a trustable IP litigator who gives reliable services. For this purpose you can hire us, “Patent Paralegal Force”

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