IP Litigation Paralegal: Their Job Role at Patent Attorney

Intellectual property is a broad and complex legal aspect that covers all the major areas. It includes areas such as patent, copyright, and trademark rights. Thus, an individual who wants to get patent or trademark registration grant registration finds it difficult to do so.  That is when they approach patent law firms or attorneys. But with increasing number of clients for registration grant, these patent attorneys are feeling burden on them. It impacts their quality of service, and punctuality to deliver it. Thus, they need to hire an IP litigation paralegal that can assist them in handling IP matters of clients.

So, if you are also an attorney looking to manage your clients well, hiring an IP litigator is best choice. This article will tell everything about them, so read till end.

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Who is an IP Litigation Paralegal?

When you are going to hire an IP litigator it is important to know whom you are actually hiring. Talking about the term litigation, it is a legal term which means a legal trial. So, an intellectual property litigator is a legal professional who has specialization in challenging or defending the intellectual property rights at patent offices. Hence, they work with patent attorneys like you to assist in the patent prosecution process of your clients.

Since, your clients cannot always appear in the hearing at patent office. Thus, these patent prosecution paralegals appear on their behalf to solve the legal problems. So, you can call them as a professional who are very sound in legal IP knowledge. And take care of the patent portfolios in your law firm of all the clients.

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Roles of IP Litigation Paralegal

An IP litigation paralegal helps patent attorneys to look after prosecution of clients IP matters. They give you their support in handling the patent and trademark infringement cases of your clients. If your client feels that his patent rights are getting infringed, you can assign the litigator for him.

Don’t limit the IP litigator on just challenging the infringement cases for your clients. They also defend the patent rights of your clients, in case someone else challenges them on grounds of infringement. Thus, a successful IP litigation paralegal is one, who has firm knowledge of IP laws.

It doesn’t matter on which side he has to be, if he needs to fight the case, he must be good in it. If he needs to defend the case, he must be good in it. Thus, you can hire them for both of these purposes as per your client’s situations. The role of IP litigation paralegal starts with meeting the clients after receiving the request. Upon meeting they study the client’s case and assess whether the dispute is worth to fight or not.

If the dispute is a serious problem, then they try to solve it outside the court via negotiations so that both the party’s remain unaffected. If no negotiations are possible then the patent litigator prepares the case draft and files the case. The draft basically means, collecting of evidences to support the client’s claim over his patent rights.

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Hiring the best Intellectual Property Litigator

IP litigation paralegals make the hearing of your clients very easy. Hiring an unprofessional will lead to chaos for your clients and they will lose the IP rights. The impact will be, your patent attorney image will go down and you will lose clients in future. Thus, it’s very important to hire a right kind of IP litigator. For this purpose you can choose us, “Patent Paralegal Force”.

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