Patent Paralegal Services: Assistance You Get From Them

As a growing patent attorney you need legal assistance to handle your ever increasing IP clients. That’s where the role of patent paralegal services becomes important for you. They help you in handling the non-core essential activities, so that you can focus on handling client’s main issues. Hiring them, you get help in doing quick research, documentations, and other assistance in your IP legal team. But don’t raise a patent paralegal team with in-house staff. It is because you will overburden your team with the non-core activities.

Thus, always raise paralegal services by outsourcing the patent paralegals. Wondering what more benefits they give you in terms of IP matters? This article will tell you everything about it. So keep reading till end.

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Who are patent paralegals and their work?

Patent paralegals are trained legal experts in IP matters who help you during patent and trademark registration process. They assist in administration of IP matters of your clients, prepare documents for them. Not just these, they also manage the database of your clients by giving you docketing services. Thus, you can timely inform your clients about various deadlines and help them take decisions accurately and quickly.

You can take their help in filing the patent and trademark applications. Later, you can also take their help to support your clients post patent and trademark grant issues. Some of them include, maintaining, and monitoring of patents and trademarks.

The monitoring services they provide help your clients find all the invalid patents. It allows them to develop these patents and later use them without any risk of infringement cases.

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What services you get by hiring a patent paralegal?

After hiring quality services of a patent paralegal professional you can get their assistance in following activities:

  • Helping you have a docketing software
  • Preparing application for trademark and patent filing
  • Providing information disclosure statement (IDS) preparation services.
  •  Proofreading the application after preparation
  • Filing office action response for trademark and patent applications
  • Patent term adjustments
  • Communicating with your clients and helping them in their queries
  • Calculation and payment of annuity fee

Let’s study some of these patent paralegal services in detail –

Helping in Response to office actions:

Office action is a file that contains the reasons for rejection of your client’s applications. It is sent by examiner from patent office, and you need to respond to it timely. If the deadline is not met, the application faces total rejection and refiling is to be done. Here the IP paralegals help in notifying the clients of deadline, explaining the office action, and later drafting the office response. The dedicated team of these IP paralegals is trained to tackle these office actions effectively.

Preparation of Information Disclosure Statements

IDS preparation and filing is one of the important aspects during patent registrations. The patent applicants need to submit it with patent office during their application filing. Since it is a legal document, thus there can’t be a mistake in preparing the document for it.

But why to spend your time and effort in this when you can give it to patent paralegals to complete? With their legal expertise, they can prepare the IDS in minimal time which usually takes around three months if you will do it yourself.

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Who gives best Patent Paralegal Services?

Patent paralegal services are there to assist you during the complete patent prosecution process of your clients. IP litigation paralegals are necessary so that you can focus on core patent prosecution process. However taking care of non-core activities is also essential so that your client remains satisfied. Thus, you need to take help of professional paralegal experts. In that case you can choose us, “Patent Paralegal Force”.

Our team comprises of fully experienced patent paralegals, who work with state of art tools. As a client your needs are our commitment, we do everything to fulfil your demands. Our services extend over 45+ countries, this itself is the proof our reliability. Read more about our services here.

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