How to do electronic patent filing?

Acquiring patent grant for your invention is the safest way of protecting it. And Patent filing is the way to get the patent grant. However, conventional patent filing is complex, time consuming, and difficult to do. That’s why inventors often take the route of electronic patent filing service of the USPTO. It is because the e-patent filing offers numerous advantages to the inventors. So, this eases the method of patent filing for you.

Thus, if you are willing to know more about the electronic patent filing, this article is the place for know everything about it.

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What is patent e-filing?

Conventional patent filing requires the inventors to submit hard copies of all the necessary documents to the patent office. This made it a long, exhaustive and complex process, which takes lot of time. Electronic patent filing eliminates all such steps and makes patent filing more user friendly and comparatively faster. Here you don’t need to physically file these documents instead submit the electronic or soft copies of the documents. However, you must save your patent drawings in PDF format and then submit.

How do I file an electronic patent?

Below is list of steps involved in electronic patent filing. They are explained comprehensively below, do read them in full:

  • If you are a new user who never registered with the USPTO as an e-filer then you need to register first. For this, visit the EFS website and select “eFile Unregistered” below digital patent submission. However, if you are an existing user, you can continue with your old account.
  • Once you register, a display screen appears which will ask you to submit your name, both first and last. Then select “new patent”. Subsequently you need to select the design and later Non-provisional application.
  • When the next screen appears, add the title of your design. Also mention about your communication details.
  • On the appearance of next screen you need to import and upload your documents in PDF format. Click on the “upload and validate” button after adding your PDFs.
  • Next screen will give you confirmation regarding upload and validation status of your documents. If it is not okay, it will also guide you how to handle the issues causing non-validation and any other thing.
  • Next step is to pay the fees for your patent filing. Click on “calculate” and proceed after selecting all for which you want to pay. It is advised to pay all the fees at this time only.
  • On the appearance of next display screen, submit your application. Once you submit, you will reach the payment gateway and pay the fees. Note that USPTO doesn’t starts scrutiny of your application unless you pay the fees. You will also get a digital receipt of same along with proof of submission.

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Benefits of E-patent filing

Now you understand what electronic patent filing is all about. Thus, now you must know what are the benefits, electronic patent filing provides you. Read below to know more about it:

  • Flexibility is the foremost advantage of electronic filing of patent application. It said to be flexible as you can file the patent application from any where at any time without visiting the patent office.
  • The other important benefit is the increase in speed of patent filing procedures. It offers you the opportunity to file the application immediately as the delays that happen during manual filing are not present in e-filing.
  • You immediately get the acknowledgment of application receipt also, which is unlikely from conventional filing.
  • Additionally, even at the patent office, the accuracy increases, given the fact that there is no scope for manual entry of any of the details. This reduction in the margin of error ensures a more efficient review.
  • While drafting patent applications the primary concern for most applicants is adherence to the format. E-filing makes this process easy owing to the available software that can cross-check the format of the application in order to ensure that they comply with the required format. E-PCT is an online platform that can be used for filing PCT applications. Moreover, e-filing allows for validation with the IPO database.
  • In addition, the introduction of the Comprehensive Online Patent Filing Services has ensured that there are minimum transaction errors.
  • After registration, each Applicant or Agent will have a unique user profile where he can add and update his digital signature.

Who gives best E-patent filing services?

It becomes clear that e-filing of patents is a good move as the transactions will be faster with lesser chances of errors. However, if you find it difficult to file your patent electronically, you can always take professional help to guide you through the process and E-filing patent application. We at “Patent Paralegal Force” give you the best electronic patent filing service.

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