Why Patent Monitoring and alerting is needed?

You do the inventions thinking you are the only one who is developing this technology. However, it is not always the case. What if someone else is out there developing the similar technology without coming in your notice. If you will not have clear data whether you have competitors doing the same invention, you will not be able to innovate freely in the direction you want. Such competitors become hindrance for you in the future to seek patent grant. That’s why patent monitoring becomes essential for you to avoid these things.

If you want to know about patent monitoring services in detail, then this article is the right place for you. Here you will understand every aspect of it, and why you should hire this service.

What is patent monitoring?

Patent monitoring is the service to keep a watch over the patents or technologies of your concern. It gives you a clear picture and understanding of progress of innovation, R&D in a technical field. The service provider you hire provides you custom fit monitoring services. It will be designed in such a way that it meets your patent watch needs. They conduct patent monitoring on period basis as directed by you and give you the accurate reports.

Reading the report you can come to know about who all are your competitors doing research in the technical field you take interest. You will get to know what is their progress up to now in their innovation. It also gives you the reports of prior patent grants in that particular technology.

So, patent monitoring gives you an extensive, and comprehensive view of every technology that has made progress during a specific period.

What are different types of it?

As you read above, patent monitoring services are designed as per the requirements of clients. Thus, depending upon your needs you can acquire your choice of services. There are following types of patent monitoring services available:

  1. Competitor Patent Watch:

If you are keen to know about the progress of patent applications of your competitors, this is the option for you. It will give you updates about your competitors patent’s rejection, granting, publishing, or expiration. Make sure to choose the competitor of similar field as yours.

2. Design Patent Watch:

This service deals with clients concerns on design patents. Acquiring this you can monitor or observe newly granted design patents. You can also find the list of abandoned, rejected, or expired design patent applications pf your competitors.

3. Patent Legal Status Monitoring:

If you want to know about the status of patent prosecution process after the patent grant. This option is best for you, it helps you know the changes you need to bring in your patent. Thus, it will help you get patent grant easily.

Why Patent Monitoring?

Importance of Patent watch is very high and can’t be sum up in an article. It gives you critical information which if you get too early, will give you much time to develop, plan, and implement patent prosecution strategies. It allows you to keep eye on the competition around you, and aids you take right business decisions as your competitors strategies reveal to you.

Conducting a Patent Monitoring is totally depends on the project or product development & life cycle in a specific technical field. This State of the Art search is the first step prior to complementing entry into a technological area or starting an R&D project. The outcomes of the State of the Art search will often lead to a decision on monitoring/watching parts or all the technology in order to avoid surprises on later stages of the product, project life cycle.

The outcomes of Patent Monitoring will provide the client with an opportunity to be up-to-date on progress, alterations, and possible new infringement risks in the market and prepare in advance for vital Office Actions on critical competitors or opponents Patents found in the search.  The State of the Art & Patent Monitoring is not to be confused by or replace a focused FTO (Freedom to Speech) search and opinion that should be conducted at later phases prior to production & product launch. In most instances, a Patent Monitoring search might save a client’s money & time and prevent surprises at later stages.

How Patent Paralegal Force helps in Patent Prosecution?

Your IP has the power to revolutionize your organization, and hence you need the best guidance. The guidance you seek will also help you in taking correct business decisions. That is where the role of “patent monitoring services and other prosecution services” becomes significant for you. But don’t hurry to select any random professional to assist you. Show maturity and hire the one that truly understands your patent application form needs. You should hire one that customizes its services as per your requirements. And this is what we at, “Patent Paralegal Force” do it for you.

Choosing “Patent Paralegal Force” will give you this opportunity. Our experience of over a decade, helps you prepare patent application draft that explains future prospects of your invention. We help in making your invention look more applicable and you get patent grant easily. So, you will not be forced to spend unnecessarily on refiling of patent application by eliminating chances of office actions. Read more about our services here.

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