Patent Filing: Need and Ways to Increase in Organization

With the rising competition in the market, you need to outshine your competitors to remain in the wish list of your customers. However, for this you continuously need to monitor the changing demands of your customers. And realizing their needs you need to come up with innovative inventions that can fulfil their needs. Thus, business units are now realizing the importance of doing inventions and the importance of patent filing for it thereafter.

So if you want to learn the art of filing more and more patents for the profit of your organization. This article is the right place for you. Thus keep reading till end, and add to your wisdom.

Importance of Patent Filing           

Patent filing secures your invention from the competitors and hence gives you upper hand in the market as an owner of that technology. This builds recognition of your brand, more customers, and hence more profit in future. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Business organizations which are thriving for more customer base need to come up with more promising prospects for their customers. Thus, they need to continuously engage themselves in deep research and development for the new products and technologies for their customers.

However, merely inventing a technology won’t give you the benefits unless you secure it. If you don’t secure your invention, your competitors can easily copy your R&D and use it as their invention. Thus, all of your customer base will shift to them. So if you want to prevent your competitors from fabricating your invention, you need to do patent filing for your invention.

After acquiring the patent, you can legally prevent your competitors from copying the inventions you did. Even if they do, it is illegal and hence you can legally sue them, and ask them to pay fine for it, or face the consequences.   

Thus, the more inventions you do the more patent you need to file. This means, the more patents you have, the more your organization can make profits. If you cannot use all the patents at once, you can license some of them to third party companies and ask them to pay licensee fees on using your patent.

Ways to increase patent filing in your organization

Now you have understood the importance of patent filing, it is the right time to know how to increase it. The following paragraphs will tell you the important steps using which you can increase the innovation in your organization and hence file more patents:

Increasing patent awareness among employees of organization:

Patent filing is a complex task to achieve, given the level of documentation and legal proceedings one needs to follow. Thus, organizations need to develop the high level of awareness among their employees about, patents, trademarks and other IP assets.

Even the employees working in the R&D department lack awareness about intellectual property. Thus, they don’t know the importance of patent filing and protecting the research they are spending their efforts on. This can create problems in the future as receiving office actions, incorrect patent draft preparation, etc.

Thus, organizations must conduct regular sessions to educate their employees about IP. So, that when the employees do R&D they remain aware that their invention will remain unique and get due consideration in the market. Thus, this will also motivate the employees to come up with more unique ideas on which they can do R&D to create more inventions in future.

Encouraging innovation culture in organization:

Patent filing requires you to have an invention in your hand. Without invention for what thing you will seek patent grant. Hence, until and unless you have inventions, you can’t acquire patents. Thus, it is important for organizations to encourage employees working in R&D wing to work hard in bring more patentable inventions for the company. You can encourage the employees by giving them, rewards and praises. These rewards may be monetary or non-monetary in nature. The incentives, recognitions and rewards you give them, motivates them to work hard and do more innovations. This way, organizations will have more opportunity to file novel patents.

Increasing access of organization resource:

If the employees will have free hand and free access to use organizational resources to do experiments, they will surely come up with new innovations. Thus, this way more inventions can be done and hence you will have more number of patents to file.

Hiring effective talent for R&D:

Don’t overlook the process of hiring right talent when you are looking for filing more and more patents. The right talent will help your organization develop new inventions and hence you will be having number of patents to file. Thus, prepare a robust process to select competitive and innovative employees who can work selflessly for the progress of your organization.

Doing competitors analysis and research:

Randomly working on any technology and inventing the products that are not of customers use is waste of time and resources. Thus, you need to gauge your surroundings and find customer’s needs, what your competitors are doing, what patents they are working on. Once you will have an insight full hand on the said data, you get an edge over your competitors and hence develop something more useful for your customers. It will also help you file patents more sooner than your competitors.

Who can help you meet your patent filing needs?

Reading this article you would have got an insight full knowledge on how to bring more innovation in your organization. In return, how to increase more patent filing? Thus, the next step is to find the relevant partner for your organization who can make the patent filing process more-easy for you. And given the experience that we share in this domain, we think us, i.e. “Patent Paralegal Force” can do it best for you.

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