Have you come up with a great idea or invention or a trademark? If yes, then you need to get legal grant for it as soon as possible. The legal grant you get converts your idea into the intellectual property belonging to you. It is important to register your intellectual property because it prevents others from using your idea for their benefits. If someone does so illegally, you can sue him for infringing your IP rights. However, for all these legal matters, you need a professional assistance which is known as IP paralegal services.

IP paralegals you hire help you at all the stages of patent prosecution. These includes, patent and trademark application drafting, proofreading, application filing, etc. It also helps you in understanding the office action reports, Further you get the assistance in preparing right office action draft to support your application. IP paralegals act as one point of contact between you and the patent office of your region.

However, you need to understand which intellectual property paralegal will suit best for your needs. So from where you should begin? What should you look in your paralegal? All your questions are answered here. So read in full and get to know, how to choose your right partner for your patent prosecution.

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Things to Consider While Choosing Best Patent Paralegal

You need a “patent paralegal.” 

This term is very important to understand as it tells you the core qualities of an IP paralegal. You must find an IP paralegal who is qualified in a law degree and has good technical knowledge of science subjects. These subjects may be, physics, chemistry, biology or engineering. It is important because patent prosecution deals with inventions, and to understand inventions science knowledge is must. Thus, if your paralegal is not sound in all these aspects, you better look for someone else who provides you with this scope.

Find the IP Paralegal with expertise in your idea’s technical field. 

Patent application contains all the information about your invention. It gives the complete insight about your invention to the patent examiner. Thus it is a legal as well as a technical document. So the draft of your application must be comprehensive and concise with all the details about your invention. But it can only be possible when the IP paralegal drafting it has knowledge about your technical field. Hence, make sure to check the field of expertise of your paralegal before hiring him. He will be able to draft the best patent application to file with PTO.

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Meet the IP Paralegal before hiring him

Make sure you meet your partner before you actually hire them. The reason is, it should not be the case that, you hire someone else and work is done by someone else. So meet your IP paralegal and get the details like, who will be drafting the application, etc. It is importance because, you will be disclosing your invention to someone other than your organization. Thus, you must have knowledge who is the person who will be taking care of your invention during the prosecution process. So hire the one, who looks insightful, understands your invention easily, and gives you confidence that he is best for your patent prosecution.

Have discussion regarding cost of prosecution and then proceed 

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of hiring an IP paralegal is, how much they will charge? Thus, don’t hire someone till you are not clear how much the will charge. Explain them your invention, ask how they can help you, and then ask the charge. Follow the same approach with multiple IP paralegals and compare the cost and services. Once it is done, chose the one, that provides best services in minimum price range.

However filing the patent application is not the only thing, as it is then sent for examination by patent examiner. If the examiner rejects your application for some reasons, you then need to take actions to refile it. So, discuss this thing also with your IP Paralegal. You should be clear how much they will charge to deal with office action and refile your patent application.

Hire Patent Paralegal Force as Your IP Paralegal Partner

To make the work of your patent prosecution easy you need to find the right IP paralegal partner for your invention. This will make your patent prosecution journey more safe and easy. However, the problem lies with selecting the best one. But using the points we told above you can easily find the right IP paralegal services for your help. And if you are wondering who can provide you with all these things you read above, we are the answer for it, i.e. “Patent Paralegal Force

Providing reliable and cost effective services we have earned clients in more than 45+ countries. We work with the team of professionals who have expertise in all the technical domains. Our IP paralegals have good knowledge of IP laws and stay with you at all times during your IP prosecution. With our state of art tools, you get the best services. Read more about our services here.

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