Important Steps in Patent Drafting Services

Patent drafting services are essential to obtain patent smoothly. It helps you develop an easy to read patent application that describes your invention in best way to the patent examiner. So you can term it as first step towards getting patent grant for your invention. Patent drafting is a difficult task to do as there are so many things to keep in mind while drafting the patent application. Thus, you need the help of patent drafting services. These professionals with their expertise make this cumbersome and error prone task easy, accurate and simple for you.

Here in this article we have given all the steps that occur during patent drafting. You will find this list to be very useful regarding the steps involved in patent drafting services. So read till end.

Steps followed in patent drafting services

After selecting your patent drafting services provider, you will have to follow the following steps with them to accomplish the best patent application for your invention. So read these steps carefully:

Invention Disclosure Form

The process starts with inventor filling an invention disclosure form. It is a questionnarien that asks logical information about your invention. Thus, it helps your patent attorney find the claims which can help him describe the novelty of your invention.

Once you fill the invention disclosure form, the patent drafting services provider reviews it and helds a meeting with you i.e. inventor. The agend of meeting is to fully understand the invention, idea, technology or process you want to get patent for. The discussion is helpful in many ways. You can expand the scope of your invention, consider future changes, improvements, and finding the industries where your invention can be helpful.

Create patent drawing

The next step is to create the sketches and drawings of your invention i.e. patent drawing. If you are well versed in engineering drawing, you can create it yourself with your attorney. The idea of drawing is to help the examiner visualize the complex elements of your invention with ease. If you are building a system, then drawing must represent broad system architecture. And if it is a process or method claim, then the drawing must represent algorithms. It helps the patent drafting services provider structure your patent claims.

After doing the above steps, now is the tome to draft the patent description. It finalizes all your claims about your invention. Here the attorney will describe each element in detail to prove the claims you mention in draft.

Creating abstract of invention

Once all these steps and other parts of application are ready, the attorney writes the abstract of your invention. It is nothing but the short summary of your invention. All the main elements are mentioned here keeping the language very simple.

Have a final check

Now your patent application draft is ready, and you need to read it. Thus, before finally signing and filing the draft with patent office, give it a thorough reading. If you have any questions you can schedule one last meeting with your attorney. In the meeting you can clarify all the questions whether it is the language of draft, or the draft itself. You need to clear everything, ask what to expect forward, and then file the application.

You can see that the whole process of patent drafting is long and tiresome. Hence, doing it yourself is never the right choice. Preparing draft yourself will lead to many pitfalls, and dangers as you will not be able to arrange proper documentation for your draft. Further, the failure rate without a patent drafting services provider is very high. Thus, proceed after hiring a one, and that is where we “Patent Paralegal Force” come for your help.  

Hire Patent Paralegal Force for your patent filing services needs

Filing a patent application for patent grant protects your invention from your competitors and aids in development of your business. However, you need professional assistance to make the patent filing easier for you. Thus, we think we can do it best for you, as the experience and knowledge we share in this domain are unmatchable. Hence, hire us, “Patent Paralegal Force” to get the best service for your patent filing needs.

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