A Career Guide for IP Paralegal Jobs

IP Paralegal jobs require you to assist the clients in legal formalities related to the Patent, trademark and copyright laws. Also, you must perform several tasks including researching, drafting of legal documents, trial preparations and filing for a patent or trademark registration. However, an Attorney would supervise your work and provide you the directions. On your behalf, your job is to assist the attorney in the research, preparation, and analysis of the legal documents. Moreover, you are not allowed to provide any sort of legal advice to the client.

At the IP Paralegal Jobs, you may work with an IP law firm or the legal department of any company to manage the IP.

 Career Requirements for IP Paralegal Jobs:

You must possess certain attributes in order to apply for the IP paralegal jobs. There are a few of the points below that you may work on to get the job. They include educational qualification, work experience, skills required, etc.









An associate or a certificate program




Paralegal or legal studies









1 to 5 years of IP experience




Required skills


  1. Strong reading and writing comprehension/communication skills
  2. Fine research and organizational skills
  3. Keen knowledge of word processing software





An average yearly income of $48810

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Paralegal Training:

Most of the law firms and legal departments always prefer applicants that own a paralegal degree. The degree programs for associates are 15-24 months long. They provide complete training in criminal and civil law, litigations, research, and legal writings. However, the Candidates that own a bachelor degree may access the certificate in less time. Generally around 14-28 weeks of the complete study.

You must attend only approved program. The employers prefer only those applicants who attend an approved program by the American Bar Association (ABA).

Moreover, you must try to focus on IP coursework. The student must select the training or degree that features relevant specialty if he plans to specialize in intellectual property. Also, some of the paralegal programs do not offer any IP courses, thus the student must find one that features IP law.

Certification Requirement:

Although the certification is voluntary, the employers always prefer the paralegals that own the certification from a well-recognized professional paralegal association. There are 2 well-renowned paralegal firms that certify paralegals who fall within their educational, skill and experience requirements:

Also, there are regional associations that provide paralegal certification. It is very helpful for a job applicant to obtain certification as it proves that the applicant is qualified for the job. It also makes the applicant more preferable in front of the employer.

Moreover, the IP paralegals may follow the current trend of the community where they want to work. As this research may help them to decide the certification that they want to pursue.

Gaining Experience:

A number of paralegal programs never feature coursework in Intellectual Property law. Also, the program does not provide in-depth education even if they feature coursework in IP law. Thus, the Paralegal is left with the only option of learning this area of law on the field during the job.

Moreover, the paralegal must work with a company that deals with a vast diversity of legal areas. It helps the paralegal to gain enough experience to join an IP law firm or any legal department.

The experience required is between 1 to 5 years.

The paralegal must take full advantage of every opportunity of working with IP cases and enhance his IP knowledge while pursuing the job.

Further Studies:

You must take continuing education courses in order to prolong your paralegal certification. There are a number of continuous legal education courses that the bar association and paralegal association offer for the paralegals. A paralegal may develop his specialty in the IP law after successfully completing these education courses. Also, it provides very beneficial credentials that you may mention in your resume.

You must acquire paralegal training, obtain certificates, gain experience and continuing education in order to secure a good career in the IP Paralegal Jobs.

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